March 21, 2013

Round Two

So I tried this whole blog thing right after we got engaged.  And after a grand total of three blog posts since September, saying that was an epic failure would be an understatement.  I decided this week that I was going to get back into blogging to keep family and friends updated while we are living the baseball life.  I went to log on to my old blog and couldn't remember the password.  Long story short I somehow locked myself out of my old blog and now I have a brand new one.  Life is a struggle.  

Anyway, there is no possible way to tell you everything that has happened the past three months.  I'll hit the high points and then try to do a better job this time of updating!

For obvious reasons January was an exciting month for Chris and me.  We got married, went to Saint Lucia, moved back to Starkville, and started preparing to move to Arizona! I wish I could put into words how amazing January 5th was for the both of us.  We both were covered with love by our sweet family and friends all weekend.  I honestly could not have asked for a better wedding weekend.  There was absolutely NO stress (which in my opinion is how it should be)! Here a just a few of the pictures taken by the wonderful Stephanie Rhea

Not that it is saying much, but in our short time of being married February has been the craziest month.  We started the month with celebrating my birthday with the family, then we had our first married Valentines Day, and Chris' sweet Grandparents had both the families over and grilled out before we left for Spring Training! Those were definitely the highlights of the month, but it wasn't all high points.  One of those not as hard, but definitely not any more fun was packing.  I never thought that I would have to pack for seven months.  It was chaos.  Of course, I waited until the week we left to even start.  But hey, we made it with everything we needed!  The hardest part about February were the goodbyes.  I am NOT  good at saying goodbye.  It started with friends in Starkville.  In one day I said goodbye to my four best friends.  Emerson came over to our house first and we hung out for a while.  Then, Katherine and I went to dinner.  Then, I went to get coffee with Anna Claire and Tori.  Talk about a tearful day.  Why I thought putting that all in one day was a good idea I'll never know.  The next morning we finished loading up and headed to Tupelo.  We spent a few days at home before leaving for Arizona.  The night before we left, Dad grilled and the Strattons' came over for dinner.  It was not an easy night of goodbyes.  The plan was to wake up really early the next morning and get on the road.  Then I woke up in the middle of the night with the stomach bug...oh joy. After a rough morning, I finally said goodbye to my family...miserable.  We are all really bad at the whole saying goodbye thing.  

The Road Trip 

After a combination of Benadryl and Finagrin, I was finally able to get in the car.  I literally slept 8 of the 9 hours we drove Friday.  We stopped in Oklahoma City the first night.  The next morning we got up early and drove 8 hours to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  And finally, we drove the last 7 hours and made it to Scottsdale.  It was a long three days for Chris driving.  I only really remember two so I came out on the good end of that deal.  


March has been an adjustment to say the least.  A fun adjustment, but an adjustment.  Scottsdale is a really awesome place to live.  The weather is beautiful right now.  I can walk from the apartment to pretty much anywhere I would need to go including the field.  The only hard part is being so far from home.  Chris and I are both super family oriented.  We are used to seeing both of our families literally all the time.  The distance part is hard, but it is a new adventure.  

Major Updates:

1) Chris is doing really well baseball wise.  He has officially been cleared by all the doctors from his head injury in August! We are so thankful that the effects of his injury are as small as they are.  It could have been so much worse! He got to pitch live for the first time since being hit a couple days after we got here.  He was so excited to get back on the mound facing batters.  He has thrown in two scrimmages and one game since we've been here.  The first outing wasn't what he wanted it to be, but the past two he looks back to his self.  I am so proud of him! It is going to be a fun season! We still do not know where we are moving next.  We could move to Georgia or California as early as April 1st.  We are just waiting to find out right now!

2) We got a new puppy!! We adopted sweet little Ace from a shelter in Phoenix.  He is a Lab/Australian Shepherd Mix...we think.  All I know is that he is precious and a sweetheart.  Sadie wasn't quite sure what to think of her little brother at first.  He is so little and she couldn't figure out how to play without hurting him. Sadie is also used to getting all of our love and attention.  She is getting used to sharing us and is starting to play with baby Ace.  I'll upload a picture of him soon!

Well, this post ended up being a novel.  Sorry, this is what happens when I lock myself out of my old blog.  I hope I get better at this.  

Updates to come,


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