April 13, 2013

First Road Trip

The GreenJackets were on the road this week.  The boys left for Savannah on Monday.  I decided to skip the first game and get some things done around the apartment and some homework.  So on Tuesday, I loaded up the dogs (thanks to the Masters there was NOWHERE to board them) and headed to Savannah.  After a night in Savannah, I headed to Charleston because Mom and Bess were coming in that night.  The boys stayed in Savannah to play another game and then also headed to Charleston.  Mom, Bess, and I stayed three nights in Charleston- what a cool town.  We shopped and laughed a lot.  It was great to spend three days with them.  They had to be back in Tupelo today so I came on back to Augusta.  The boys are finishing up a game right now and playing one more tomorrow before heading back tomorrow night.  Chris pitched last night and did really well! I am so proud of him!  Once again, for those who actually care, Chris' Final Line: 5.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 7K.  The GreenJackets lost in extra innings, but it was a great game.  I am thankful for a fun week on the road, but I am thankful to be back at the apartment and out of the car.  I think the pups are glad to be out of the car and able to run around as well! Now, I am looking forward to having a week of baseball here before heading back to Mississippi for a week! 


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