June 23, 2013

All Star Game to Omaha

Well, this week turned into an eventful week with a lot of time on the road.  Mrs. Janet and I set out for New Jersey on Sunday.  We got there Monday and headed straight to the beach for a little bit.  Side Note: New Jersey is an interesting place.  We were right on the beach and I think a lot of it is still damaged from the hurricane.  Lets just say it wasn't exactly what we were expecting, but it was an adventure.  Monday night there was a Celebrity Hitting Challenge and the Home Run Derby.  Don't let the word 'celebrity' fool you, but it was entertaining.  Poor Chris looked like he might fall asleep in the dugout because he had only had two hours of sleep the night before because of their early flight from Charleston.  After the Home Run Derby we headed to the only restaurant we could find open, Applebee's, so we could watch the Bulldogs play.  We may or may not have caused a scene when Trey Porter drove in the winning run.  It is always fun to watch the Bulldogs win! When we got back to the hotel, Chris noticed about 50 mosquitos on the ceiling of our room.  Poor kid lugged all of our luggage up to the new room after maintenance came in and told us we couldn't stay in there with all the bugs.  Tuesday morning, they put the players into groups to go do community service in the Lakewood area.  Chris' group went to a graduation for students with special needs.  Chris said it was definitely a humbling experience.  Mrs. Janet and I spent the day exploring Lakewood in the rain.  The All Star Game was supposed to start at 7:00 so we got to the field at 6:00.  The game ended up being delayed due to rain until 9:45.  It was a cold and wet game, but I'm glad they finally got it in.

Wednesday morning, Mrs. Janet and I woke up and got on the road by 7:00.  We made it 12 hours to Knoxville to stop for the night.  The next morning we got up and were on the road by 6:00 to make it home.  After six hours to get to Tupelo, I jumped into the van with the family to head to Omaha.  The plan was to only drive 7 or 8 hours, but we ended up making it the whole 12 hours to Omaha at 3:30 Friday morning.  I realize that I may be crazy.  I literally slept all of probably two hours of the trip.  It is amazing how all that driving can wear you out.  

I am so thankful to be here to support this incredible team.  I definitely wish Chris could be here, and he does too! These guys mean so much to the both of us and he misses being out there with them.  With that being said, he seriously couldn't be happier for some of his best friends! This morning, we went to chapel with about 50 player families, friends, and fans.  It was just another reminder of how this team is being a light on and off the field.  I am so proud of the direction of this program and the work the chaplain Matt Jolley is doing.  These boys are giving the Glory to Him and it is making and impact on so many people.  Now, lets go win us a National Championship! 

Hail State!


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