June 4, 2013

Draft Day

One year ago today Chris was drafted by the Giants...I never in my life thought I would type that sentence.  Has it seriously been a year already? I sure would be okay if time would slow down just a little bit.  What a crazy day June 4, 2012 was for all of us.  It is one of those days that I vividly remember every detail, but at the same time it doesn't seem real.  I've never written what that day was like, so now is as good of time as any.

The Stratton family came over to watch the draft at my house.  My dad grilled but I'm not sure any of us really ate anything.  We were all so nervous and excited.  For those of you who don't know how the MLB Draft works, you really don't have any clue when you will be drafted or by who.  Sure, the media puts out mock drafts every week of baseball season leading up to the draft, but they are just speculating.  Chris had been projected to go in the first round for most of the season, so we were all pretty sure it would happen but you never know.  The draft finally started after what seemed like waiting FOREVER.  The thing I hate most about the draft is all the time in between each pick.  I mean I understand teams have to have time to make decisions (okay big decisions) on who they want to pick based on who is left, but it drove me insane.  Most teams call before they select you to make sure you are willing to sign for a certain amount of money.  We still videoed every single pick just in case because once again, you never know.  By far the craziest point of the night was when Chris got a call from Canada.  Background: we had all said before the draft, "as long as it is not Toronto we will be happy".  None of us really liked the idea of having to have a passport to go see Chris.  It didn't help that Toronto had two picks in the first round and the last game Chris pitched at Dudy the Toronto scout sat next to me.  So when Chris got a call from Canada a few picks before Toronto's, all of our hearts stopped.  Turns out, it was a telemarketer calling to get his credit card information.  HUGE relief and lots of laughter followed.  It definitely lightened the mood.  After what seemed like forever, Chris got a call from California.  He answered, agreed to sign for their offer, talked to what seemed like 20 different people in their draft room, and a few minutes later they called his name out on TV.  What a crazy and surreal feeling it was to sit there and watch him on TV being drafted in the MLB Draft.  I don't think I can put into words how many emotions and thoughts went through my head at that point.  In a matter of minutes, all the speculation and talk leading up to June 4th was real.  You have to understand that this talk started in high school.  Chris had scouts come to his house in high school, but he always told them that no matter where he got drafted he was going to college first.  If you go to a four year college, you are not eligible to be drafted again until after your Junior year.  So in high school we always said, we will just see what happens after your Junior year.  This day had been talked about for four years and all the sudden it was over and now it has been a whole year since then.  

To say that day changed our life would be an absolute understatement.  Chris and I wouldn't be married right now if it wasn't for that day.  The original plan before the actual draft (God once again laughed at this one) was to let him go for his first full season and then get married  the following offseason (which would have been this coming offseason).  Then the draft happened and it all became real.  I remember sitting in my driveway in his car a few days after the draft talking about what the next few years would look like for us.  We started talking about plans and asking ourselves why we were waiting to get married.  We didn't see any reason why it couldn't work sooner.  So we talked to our parents separately about our new plans because we both value their opinions so much.  We didn't want to do anything that they didn't think we were ready for or that could be us just acting on emotion and not wanting to be apart.  Both of our parents couldn't see why not.  I then found out I could finish the majority of my degree online.  It was definitely God's timing working out in His perfect way.  It was very clear to us that I was being called to go on the road with Chris and support him.  

It has definitely been a crazy year, but I could not be more thankful for the road God has led us to.  I honestly believe he has been preparing both of our hearts for this path since we started dating in high school.  I had no clue what He was up to, but it is obvious now that things we have gone through were God's way of preparing us for professional baseball life.  The draft starts this year on June 6.  I have been praying all week for all the guys that will be drafted and their families.  It is such a different transition that not many people understand, but an unbelievable experience.  


Here are a few pictures from the night: 

Watching it announced on TV

Somebody was excited! 

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  1. I LOVE this post! God is faithful and His timing is perfect! I love seeig how he has/is blessing you both! What an exciting time that was for you! I loved the part about Toronto. God can be so funny! I can't imagine being in that room that night! So many emotions going on, I'm sure! I'm hoping we will end up in the same place one day! It would be so much fun to have family that far away from home! Hope you are enjoying family time at the beach! Tell them we said hello! Love reading your blog and hearing your sweet heart!