June 30, 2013

Whirlwind of June

After four weeks on the road, I am finally back at our apartment in Augusta.  What a whirlwind June has been.  It started with a beach trip with the family, then a week of baseball in Charleston and New Jersey, then another trip with the family to Omaha to watch more baseball, and finally a trip to North Carolina to watch Chris and then a drive back to Augusta.  A lot of great memories and miles on the 4Runner in June.  Before this journey, I HATED driving by myself.  Ask Chris.  I would do whatever possible to make sure he was driving.  I avoided taking two cars ANYWHERE.  I guess I was unknowingly preparing myself for the many hours I'd be spending in the car alone.  I've learned to love my alone time in the car, and its become my quiet and prayer time.  It is amazing what all God has taught me in my hours in the car alone.  

Chris pitched this afternoon in Asheville.  It definitely wasn't his best day, but he was still in good spirits after the game which always makes me feel better.  A ball got hit back up the middle and nailed him on the back of the knee.  One of those heart stop moments as a wife in the stands, but other than a little swelling he is good! He admitted that it didn't feel good when it happened, but I already knew that by the way the waved the trainer back into the dugout as he was coming to check on him.  Gotta love being able to read him like a book while he's out there.  I guess that is what happens in the 6th season watching him.  Anyway, his final line was: 6.1 IP, 11 H, 6 R, 3 BB, 4K. 

However, these stats are subject to change.  Funny side story-There was a play today that was ruled a hit, but the fans thought it was an error.  (Let me clarify, Chris never gets worked up over rulings over hits/errors.  It really isn't a big deal.)  But after the game an Asheville staff member randomly came over to talk to me.  He said he was talking to some of our coaches who thought there was a play that should have been an error that was ruled a hit.  I told him not to ask my opinion because I am married to the pitcher.  He started laughing and said he would go try to change it so that Chris could have a few less earned runs.  We will see if he holds to that, not that I'm looking... 

I talked to Kline (pitching coach) like always after the game and he thought Chris had a good day.  I'm starting to learn that the standard of pitching well is different in the Minors than in college.  They look at completely different things than college coaches do.  It is definitely a learning experience for me.  Just when I thought I had this whole baseball thing figured out.  

The boys are on the road for a few more days.  They will be back Tuesday night and then we start a seven day home stand! I start summer school in Starkville July 10.  Can we say miserable? I'm not quite sure how I'm going to motivate myself to go to class while my husband is here playing baseball.  Chris told me I have to finish so that our future kids can at least mark 'college graduate' for one of us on their school forms.  Haha I guess that is good motivation! 

That is all I have for today.  I hope yall have a great week!


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