July 2, 2013

Clean Apartment, Clean Dogs, and House Pictures

Hey y'all!

It is a pretty boring, but productive, Tuesday in Augusta with the boys still on the road.  I have done lots of laundry and cleaning the past two days.  I think I've about cleaned everything possible in the apartment (twice) and washed all the dirty (or not so dirty) clothes, sheets, and towels.  There is nothing more relaxing after a month of craziness to come back and clean and catch up on some TV shows.  I enjoy cleaning and laundry...it is okay if you think I'm weird.  Even the dogs got bathed today!  I took them to PetSmart this morning because after a few weeks at Nana's full of swimming in the lake and eating a very large turtle (gross I know), they needed a deep clean.  Today I'm thankful for clean dogs, clean laundry, and a clean apartment.  

So I know I've been saying I would put pictures of the progress on our house in Tupelo for forever.  I finally have some pictures of what is done so far.  We are getting so, so close.  The tile in the bathrooms got finished up today, the cabinets and countertops are in, and the painters are there this week! Pretty much all we lack are floors and appliances in the kitchen!  I can't wait to get all of our stuff in and start decorating.  I didn't do very good at taking before pictures and I'm mad at myself, but here are a few of the pictures so far!

So this was the wall that went through my kitchen.

And now the wall is gone!
The cabinets back in place. 

Looking into the sitting area.

Same cabinets with paint and counter tops!
(The counter tops are even now) 
Microwave and Oven Cabinet
Yayyy for paint and counter tops.

Kitchen Backsplash hopefully got grout today. 

The flower beds used to be filled with dead bushes

Guest Bath
Used to be so small, Chris couldn't fit. 

New Master Vanity 

Master Shower 
Master Shower

I definitely wish I had before pictures of the Master Bathroom.  It was completely greenish/yellow tile, and a shower so small that Chris would have had to duck to wash his hair.  The toilet was facing a weird way so Chris couldn't sit on it without his knees hitting the shower.  Needless to say, it wasn't going to work haha.  

 I hope this wasn't too terribly boring.  I promise I'll take much better pictures once things are so crazy and messy!  I am so excited for everything to be done so I can start moving our stuff in when I'm home in July.  The goal is to have everything ready so when we get back in September we can enjoy the offseason in our new house! Definitely getting excited about the offseason. Thanks for reading!


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