July 10, 2013

Last Week

Hey Y'all! 

Last week was a great week! Chris got home from their road trip Wednesday night around 3:00 AM.  Thankfully, two of the girlfriends where in Augusta to visit, so we went to dinner and watched three movies on Netflix so we could be awake when the boys got back!  Thursday was a lazy day until it was time for the game because we had stayed up so late the night before.  Chris' parents, brother and brother's wife all came to visit on Friday.  They got to see one game Friday, then Saturday's game got rained out.  Chris was supposed to pitch Saturday, but they moved him to Sunday.  He threw three innings on Sunday before the game got postponed because of the rain.  But hey, it was a really good three innings.  It was not a good weekend for baseball.  On the bright side, Monday was an off day.  Chris, Okert, and I got up bright and early and headed to Atlanta to go to the aquarium.  We were probably the only people over the age of 12 that didn't have children, but we had a blast.  I highly suggest the Georgia Aquarium if you are ever around Atlanta.  The Dolphin Show alone was worth going for.  Unbelievable.  We followed up the aquarium trip with Cheesecake Factory.  You can never go wrong there.  

After our adventures, I headed to Tupelo because my Summer School class started today.  I spent all day yesterday in Tupelo hanging out with my parents because all my sisters are gone this week.  For the first time since Mary came along I got to be an only child haha.  I headed to Starkville last night and went to my class this morning.  It has been a bit of an interesting morning complete with an emotional breakdown.  I lack two classes before I can graduate...two.  My perfect little plan had me taking those two this summer so I would have my degree.  Once again I'm learning my plans don't always work out.  First, both classes were supposed to be offered in June.  They changed it last minute to where one was offered in June and one in July.  I didn't really like the idea of being away from my husband for two months, so I decided just to take the one in July because it is my huge Senior Educational Psychology Research class.  I knew I couldn't get out of it, but the other one I had a chance to substitute it for something online.  I then found out that the class in June didn't have enough people sign up to make a class so it wouldn't have mattered.  I show up to class today and there are only five people there.  The teacher shows up and told us if we don't get more people signed up by tomorrow the class would be cancelled.  Cue emotional breakdown here.  So tomorrow I will know whether or not the class will make.  Prayers are definitely accepted.  Also, if you want to volunteer to take a class in July, I'll do all your work I promise.  The good news is, if the class does make it only last until July 29th rather than August 9th because our teacher is taking a new job and has to leave.  So, if the class does make I'll be back in Augusta a lot sooner than expected! I will know more tomorrow, and I've already emailed by awesome advisor and warned her that if it doesn't make I'm heading to her office to cry and then figure out what the options are.  I'll keep y'all posted.  


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