August 25, 2013

20,000 Miles

Where did August go? I can't believe we are almost to September.  Looking back, I think August has definitely been the fastest month so far! I had no idea it had been so long since I blogged until I got a text from my Nana yesterday asking for a blog update, so here it goes.

Is it sad that I am looking up the baseball schedule to figure out where to start this post?  My life.  Last time I posted I was about to leave for a trip to Greensboro, North Carolina.  My dad was in Virginia for work, so he met me in Greensboro to watch Chris pitch.  It loved getting to have a daddy-daughter date with dinner and baseball.  It doesn't matter where I am in my life, I always know I can count on my daddy to come hang out with me and make me laugh.  Chris' Final Line from Greensboro: 6.2 IP, 8 H, 1 R, 1 BB, and 5 K.

After a few days in Greensboro, we had an off day and then a seven day home stand.  Chris pitched on Thursday of the home stand versus Greenville.  Final Line: 7.0 IP, 8 H, 2 R, 0 BB, and 3 K.  I woke up on Friday a little on the homesick side.  I think it was the fact that there had been so many rain outs and rain delays that Chris was going to be at the field all day for the rest of the home stand for double headers, so I loaded up and headed to Tupelo.  Sometimes you just need some time with your mom getting your house ready to live in for the offseason.  

After some Tupelo time, I hopped back in the car and headed to Lexington, Kentucky to meet the boys.  I got there Wednesday in time for dinner and to pass out the birthday funfetti cupcakes Mrs. Janet and I made before I left Tupelo.  Chris' 23rd birthday was Thursday and he also pitched on Thursday.  It was a big day!  Final Line from Lexington: 5.1 IP, 6 H, 3 R, 3 BB, and 2 K.  I woke up Friday morning and headed to Hickory, North Carolina.  I spent two nights there and then headed back to Augusta today after lunch.  The guys got on the bus after the game today and will be home later on tonight.

There are only 7 regular season games left.  I seriously cannot believe that I just typed that.  When we started this journey in February, September seemed so far away.  I hit 20,000 miles on the 4Runner last week.  I didn't know it was possible to put 20,000 miles on a car in 6 months and it looks like I am not quite done yet.  Augusta is currently in first in their division, which means we are pretty certain we will make the playoffs.  That means we could be home anywhere from one to three weeks.  I am definitely looking forward to having some down time in Tupelo and not being on the baseball schedule, but I'm not sure how we are going to function without baseball games every night.  It will definitely be an adjustment, but the good news is we get to start it all over again in February...I think we will manage! 

I seriously cannot put into words how much of a blessing this first season has been for Chris and me.  I am so thankful that we spent our first full season with the only Giants' minor league team that I can make it home in a one days drive.  It has definitely made the transition a lot easier than I expected.  We have met some pretty awesome friends this year as well.  Although I was the only girl 99% of the time and Chris was the only married player all season, we've had a lot of fun getting to know all these crazy baseball players.  One of the hardest parts of Minor League baseball is the constant transition of the teams.  Who knows where all these guys will be assigned next season or where they will move all throughout the season.  And even worse is that some of these guys will get released at the end of the season or the end of Spring Training next year.  It is just part of it that I am adjusting to.  It has been a great year, and I cannot wait to see what journey God puts us on next season!

Maybe one day I'll become a better blogger.  Have a great week!


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  1. That is so cute your Nana reads your blog!! Love it! My grandmother won't even let us get her a cell phone, haha!