September 22, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well this post is a bit over due, but we are home and have been for two weeks.  After Augusta lost on Friday, we jumped in the car and drove from Savannah to Augusta.  Once we got to Augusta, we ran up and loaded the very last load in my car and hit the road.  We had a three car caravan of Chris, Okert, and me.  We drove all the way back to Tupelo that night.  We got into Tupelo around 7:00 that morning and headed straight to Connies for breakfast....yummmm.  Then it was straight to bed for the day.  I'm not quite sure why we felt the need to drive through the night instead of just waking up in the morning and driving home, but we did it.  And I was definitely glad we did when we pulled in to Tupelo.  

Okert stayed with us for a few days before finishing his drive back home to Texas.  He keeps saying he's going to come back and visit, but I'm still waiting on that to happen (hint hint Okert).  The three best friends are missing being together, but we might be taking a trip to Texas for the A&M game so maybe a reunion is coming soon.  

Life in Tupelo has been wonderful the past two weeks.  We love being back on a normal schedule of going to bed at a decent hour and waking up for breakfast and coffee.  I have started subbing at FUMC's preschool and I absolutely love it! And if all goes well in the next 72 hours, then I will start full time this week for my friend Lauren's maternity leave.  I am so glad I finally get to type that.  Please pray for Lauren and Jim in the next 72 hours.  Their sweet baby girl was born last night, and let me tell you, she is absolutely beautiful and perfect!  So far, all is good news and the adoption should be final Wednesday morning.  Please keep their process in your prayers! 

Chris is about to start giving pitching lessons which will keep him busy this offseason.  We have also been babysitting a few times together already.  I guess people think we could use some practice haha.  So far we are absolutely loving the offseason.  We love living in our house and being in Tupelo.  I am sure we will start missing baseball soon, but right now we are enjoying the break.  I'm going to post more about what all we learned in our first season soon.  Maybe we will get internet at our house soon, so that I don't have to come to Mom and Dad's to blog! Have a great week!


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