September 3, 2013

One Year

A year ago today, Chris asked me to be his wife.  I literally cannot believe that it has been a year already.  This year has definitely flown by and been full of sweet times and fun adventures! I posted on my old, failure blog right after Chris proposed.  I'm going to repost that so that it can be on this blog, and it is fun to read from right after.  I couldn't have planned the proposal to be any more perfect.  I am so thankful to have so many awesome friends and family that made this night so special for me.  Here it goes:

Chris got back in town from Oregon Saturday morning.  Once I found out that he was going to get to come home for a week before reporting to Arizona until the middle of October I had a feeling the proposal might be coming (okay I was like 98% sure it would happen).  The question was when and how.  Obviously, we have talked about marriage and especially since the draft.  We decided this summer that we wanted to get married soon so that I could join Chris on his new baseball journey! So anyway, he gets home and I start to wonder when the proposal will happen.  I woke up Monday morning with a feeling that it would happen that day.  Chris and I went to lunch and ran some errands and nothing seemed up.  He mentioned going to Tupelo before I had to go to chapter at 8:00 which made me think it would happen that night in Tupelo before chapter.  Then he gets a call from Coach Cohen inviting him to come to his house for the team cookout.  I (selfishly) wasn’t too happy about these new plans.  I had it all figured out: we would go home, he would propose, and then I would make it back to chapter to have a candlelight.  Once again baseball was getting in the way of my perfect little plan and I wasn’t the happiest camper (I’m sorry Chris!).  So Chris leaves around 5:00 to go the Coach Cohen’s and I go eat with Tori and vent about how I just knew we would get engaged before chapter! I head to chapter with Tori all the while texting Katherine complaining about how I thought I would have had a candlelight tonight.  As soon as I walk into chapter, I  immediately get asked if it is my candlelight because word had gotten out that we were having one.  I promised everyone that it really wasn't mine with a not so happy attitude.  When chapter is over and they announce the candlelight I started to get nervous (now I know why).  Anna Claire, Kenzie, and Tori stood next to me because they wanted to play it safe even though I promised them multiple times it wasn’t mine.  As it starts to make it around towards the end of the circle the second time I start looking around at the few people left beside me trying to figure out who might be engaged.  That’s when I really started freaking out because I realized out of all the people standing by me at the end I was the only one it could be.  Just as Tori hands me the candle Chris pops out from under the table cloth and blows out the candle!! He gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him! I of course said yes!! Then I looked up and Ben, Kendall, and my little sister Ruth were holding up a sign! My entire family and Chris’ family were there! I was literally in shock! Turns out the call Chris told me was Coach Cohen was actually Ben.  Katherine and Tori were in on it the whole time and I had NO idea that they knew anything! I couldn’t have thought of a better way for Chris to ask! I am so thankful that both of our families were there along with some of my baseball children and all of my best friends! 
I cannot wait to marry my best friend! God has definitely led us on this journey together! If you had told us in high school that we would be getting married and moving off to Arizona because Chris was playing professional baseball we honestly would have called you crazy! God has taught us both so much in our almost five years together and I cannot wait to see what else he has in store for our lives! Thank all of you for the sweet messages!! I wish I could answer them all! I have never felt so encouraged by so many friends and family! I am beyond blessed to call Chris my future husband!!
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the night!

Re-reading this and looking at all the pictures makes my heart so happy.  I miss all of these sweet faces and I wouldn't have wanted to be surrounded by anyone else when Chris proposed!  I am so thankful for this day and the journey that started on this day.  

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  1. This is so cute!! Love that all your family was there, makes it that much more special!! Time flies!