November 15, 2013

December Camp

So I am pretty much failing miserably at the whole blogging thing this offseason.  One issue is we still don't have internet at our house so we have to go to one of the parents' houses to use their internet.  The lack of internet is a story for another day.  

In baseball news, Chris got invited to December Camp.  Don't feel bad if you didn't know that December Camp existed because I didn't.  When Chris told me that he had gotten a call and was invited to December Camp, my first question was, "Wait, what is December Camp?".  Then my next question was, "Are you going to be back before Christmas?".  So to answer the first question, December Camp is pretty much just a strength and conditioning camp.  Chris will report to Scottsdale, Arizona December 2 and camp will end December 20.  So yes he will be home for Christmas!  As of now it is looking like I won't be going, but it is still up in the air.  As usual with baseball, it is probably going to be a very last minute decision on whether I go or not.  

With the news of December Camp, I've become a little antsy to pull out my Christmas decorations.  Chris is only going to be home for a few days in December, so I'm ready to decorate now.  My goal is to make it to Thanksgiving, but we'll see if I make it.  


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  1. GIRL. Go on and decorate now!! It's your first Christmas together and y'all should be enjoying it (even a little early) with all the decorations!!!!