November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving, Football, & Christmas Decorations

Three Thanksgivings later, and I'm not sure that either one of us have really moved today.  Holidays are the best when you're married!  We ate at MeeMee and Gray's on Wednesday night.  Then we had Thanksgiving with Chris' side of the family on Thursday.  And finally, we headed out to my Nana's on Friday for another huge meal with family.  Good gracious at all the food.  Needless to say, we had more than our share of turkey and dressing this week.  
We are so thankful that the holidays are during the offseason so that we can spend so much time with our families.  I cooked for my family and Chris' family on Tuesday so that we could all hang out before all the other family got into town.  We joked that it was my practice run to see if I could one day handle having Thanksgiving at our house.  It is always a fun time when the Buskirk/Stratton crew gets together.  I will never be able to put into words how thankful I am to have two families that get along so well! 

Can we please take a second to talk about the craziness of the football games this week.  It started Thursday night in Starkville at the Eggbowl.  I'm guessing my expectations were the same as any State fan going into the game.  It wasn't looking too good.  What a game.  It probably goes down in my top three moments in my 20 years as a Mississippi State fan.  The fam had a little fun after the game throwing up the land shark.

Hail State 

And then the football craziness continued Friday night in Tupelo when Tupelo upset South Panola to head to the State Championship for the first time since 1992.  Chris and I are so proud to be Tupelo High School Alum!  

And then Rivalry Saturday happened.  Alabama vs. Auburn...enough said.  Goodness I love college football, but especially SEC Football! 

Since we didn't really leave the house today due to the combination of food coma and the ridiculous amount of really good college football games, I decorated our house for Christmas.  Chris is leaving Monday for three weeks, so I wanted to get him in the Christmas spirit before he goes to Arizona.  I took some pictures, mainly so I can remember next year where I put everything! 

By far my favorite thing I brought back from Ghana.
(I need to order pictures for my frames!)

We are thankful for such a fun week! 


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