January 12, 2014

January 1-12

Let me start by saying I have been a terrible blogger this offseason.  I decided with the new year starting that I might try something a little different with my blog.  I've already failed, but I want to try to blog each day.  Even if it is just a picture and a few sentences.  I want to remember the normal, day to day, real life stuff.  And this way I won't have months without blogging because I don't feel like there is anything important to write about.  It might mean that this blog is about to get super boring, but boring is sometimes a good thing!  So I'm going to back track and then try to do a better job.  This might be an epic failure, but it is worth a shot.  

January First
We began the year by getting in the car around 3:00 AM to head to Disney World with my family.
Nothing like starting off the New Year by sleeping in the car for most of a 11 hour trip!

January Second-Sixth
It was so fun to spend the week in Disney World with my family.  It seriously is the happiest place on earth.  The Buskirks are huge Disney World fans.
We got to spend our One Year Anniversary in Disney, and it was amazing!

January Seventh
Another day spent in the car traveling home.
Our sweet puppies were sure glad to see us!

January Eighth
Teaching started back for me a day later than it was supposed to.  
It was so fun to get to see all my precious four year olds after Christmas and hear what Santa brought them.  I am seriously in love with teaching preschool.  
I also started using my juicer that my amazing mother-in-law got me for Christmas.
I am seriously obsessed with drinking spinach, carrot, and kale juice for breakfast.  I add lots of fruits to cover up the nasty vegetable taste and it is so so good.  

January Ninth
Another day of teaching some pretty awesome kids! 

January Tenth
Chris and I headed to my parents house at Waverly to spend the weekend for a belated anniversary weekend.  We ate at Anthony's for dinner and it was as wonderful as always.

January Eleventh
We spent the day in Starkville.
We at at Oby's and watched a Bulldog win over the Bears.
It doesn't get much better than that.

January Twelfth 
Today we spent the day hanging out before Chris leaves for January Camp tomorrow.  
We went to see the Strattons this afternoon before heading to Jim and Lauren's to visit and love on Mary Lyle of course.  
Chris is currently packing.  He always waits until the last minute.  Probably to stress his planner of a wife out, but that is just my theory!

That is the abbreviated version of the beginning of our year!
Here's to being a better blogger in 2014...


  1. You can do it! Just get on the computer and blog every day after work! It will become a habit soon enough :)

  2. So jealous of your trip to Disney World but I am glad y'all had a great time!! Like Cayte said, it will become a habit soon enough! Just put a little reminder in your phone if you have to! Good luck & can't wait to read more :)