January 29, 2014

Paint Projects

My goal before Chris got back from January was to finish up some house projects.  Especially my list of things to paint that I have put off for way too long.  Most of them were boring-bathroom mirrors, cabinet doors, and outside doors.  The built-ins in our dining room have needed some love for quite some time.  The dining room is the one room in the house that I have put off for a while.  This week I finally bought a chest to put against the wall for storage and finished the built-in project.  Now all I lack is painting the floors.

I am so happy with how this turned out.  It is amazing how much of a difference some Annie Sloan chalk paint can do.  This is one of my favorite colors called Duck Egg Blue.  I have enough built-ins in this house that I've had to decorated.  I needed more "stack everything up and it doesn't have to be cute" storage, so I decided to add this fabric to the glass doors.

I love checking things off my to do list that have been there for entirely too long.  I am trying to finish off all these projects before Spring Training so my to do list next offseason won't be the same!

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