February 11, 2014


Well friends, I'm not sure where to start.  I've learned that the last month of the offseason is just going to be an emotional roller coaster and I better get used to it.  I'm antsy to get the season started.  I'm sad to leave our family, friends, and my precious preschool class.  I'm anxiously excited to see where we will go after Spring Training.  I'm overwhelmed with what to pack.  But, among all these crazy emotions there is a sense of peace.  It is so contradicting I know, but I'm learning more and more each day that I CANNOT control baseball life.  It is a lesson God is constantly teaching me.  Maybe one day I'll get it.  He knew what he was doing when he put this planner in Minor League Life.  My planning, wanting to know NOW personality makes this life even more interesting, but it is making me a better person.

And as I talk about how I'm trying not to be a planner, here are our VERY tentative plans....

Chris reports to Scottsdale, Arizona February 27.  He is reluctantly flying this year because I filled out his papers before he got a chance to protest.  As much as I love having him drive across the country with me, it is not a good idea for him to miss throwing and working out the three days before Spring Training.  Baseball is his job and it is my job to support him in whatever way that means.  Right now, it means me driving to Arizona so he can fly.  

So my tentative plan is to have the car packed and ready when I take Chris to the airport.  I will start driving as soon as I drop him off.  That is, if there is room in the car for him and his stuff.  Once I pack the car, I might realize that I'll be leaving the day after I drop him off at the airport.  Seven months of packing is hard y'all.  It will take me three days to drive from Mississippi to Arizona.  I could make it in two, but with two dogs and being by myself I like to take my time.  

We have FINALLY signed a lease for Scottsdale.  As in we signed it today.  My original plan (see plans don't work) was to not go to Spring Training this year and just meet Chris wherever he got assigned in April.  Things change, and with Chris being gone for most of December and January to camps, I decided to make the trip.  Being apart works for so many baseball couples, but for us it is just easier for me to drive around the country.  I am so thankful that God has opened the door for me to travel.  I realize that this door might not always be open so I am going to enjoy it while I am able to.  

Oh the packing.  I started this process this weekend.  I had a "nightmare" last week that I didn't start packing until four days before we left and woke up in a panic.  Chris thinks I'm crazy and shouldn't start packing until the day before.  I have to pack in stages.  I don't know why the packing part brings out so many emotions for me but it does.  I can't do it for too long in one day or I get depressed.  Okay, depressed might be an exaggeration, but it isn't a pretty sight.  It is hard for me to see what all I have to pack because it makes me realize how long we are actually gone.  It has also been hard this offseason because our house is finally getting the way I want it.  It is going to be said to leave our homey house for tiny apartments with ugly pictures on the wall.  Oh well, it makes me appreciate the sweet time we have in our home.  The good news is I have a MUCH better grasp on what we will actually need this season.  I realize what is important to have and what really isn't.  I'm also on a mission to get my outfits organized before we leave so I know exactly what I need.  Think really cute garanimals for adults.  It is so easy to wear workout clothes every day of the season.  I mean all I do is go to baseball games and workout clothes are so much easier to pack.  I'm making room for my cute clothes this season.  I'm also taking good sheets and our quilt this year.  Last year we slept on awful sheets with our t-shirt blankets all season.  We aren't making that mistake again.  Kitchen packing always makes me laugh.  We trade in our pretty plates we got as wedding gifts for four plastic plates.  We also have four forks, spoons, knives, and four plastic cups.  It makes washing dishes a lot easier.  Baseball season definitely makes me realize how much simpler we could live.  All the "stuff" is really unnecessary.  

I'm sure this isn't the last post about the emotions leading up to Spring Training.  I haven't blogged in a while, but sometimes I don't understand what is going on in my head enough to blog.  Back to packing I go!


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  1. Good luck! We are heading out to AZ on March 3rd and I will only be able to be there for the week. If you ever need anyone to chat with, I am here for ya girl!