February 27, 2014

Mississippi to Texas

The first day of my drive to Arizona is officially over.  I am already showered and in bed but don't judge.  Last night after saying some final goodbyes (which I am still horrible at so I'm not going into detail) we headed to Matt and Lauren's to spend the night so we didn't have as far to drive to the airport.  They were so sweet to let us crash at their house, and we enjoyed getting to spend some time with them before we headed out.  The alarm went off this morning at 3:50 after about three hours of sleep.  I was in zombie mode, but Chris' flight was at 6:00 so off we went.  Dropping him off at the airport is a lot more fun when you know you'll see each other in a few days. And I didn't even shed a tear which is a big deal.

So at a ridiculously early time of 4:45 (before Starbucks even opened) I was on the road to Arizona.  My original plan was to stop in the same places we did last year, but since I got such an early start I was able to make it a lot farther than I planned.  This means that instead of driving for three days I'll be in Scottsdale tomorrow!! Two twelve hour driving days seems like a lot, but at this point I'm ready to be there with Chris so I can get into the Spring Training routine.

When I got into Amarillo I was heading to a hotel that I had found online at lunch.  When I pulled up I realized that the area was not one I wanted to stay in.  I started searching for another hotel and then my GPS started "rerouting" (enter mild panic mode here).   I prayed that I would find somewhere safe, clean, and close to food because at this point I was starving.  I kept going down the interstate when I noticed a really new looking hotel near some nicer stores and a hospital.  I walked in and they thankfully had a room.  God listens and he answers.  To top it off, not only was food close but there is a Mexican restaurant (Mexican is my favorite) in the lobby.  Some might call that a coincidence, but I call that God caring for one of His.  Not only does He listen and answer, He cares about the small details.  Sometimes I am blown away at how good our God is.

I've gotten to where I really love having the opportunity to drive by myself.  I don't know that 24 hours of driving by myself is needed very often, but my alone time in the car is becoming some of my sweetest moments with Jesus.  Like I've mentioned before, I struggle to be still and listen sometimes.  The good thing about being stuck in the car for 12 hours at a time is I have so many opportunities to be still, pray, and listen.  Today was one of those days where I needed to listen.  It seemed like every other song that came on my pandora and every speaker on The Message XM station talked about not worrying about the future but to give all of our plans to God.  Spring Training is a time of so many unknowns.  Minor League Baseball is full of unknowns all the time, but Spring Training means that you find out what team you will start the season with.  It is scary to know that I have absolutely no control over where we will live in one short month.  But I was reminded time and time again in the car today that I am not supposed to know.  One of my favorite songs right now is Already There by Casting Crowns.  This song came on so many times today and each time I felt comfort in knowing that my future is a memory to God.  He knows where we will be next month.  I can rest in knowing that.

So Spring Training officially starts tomorrow.  Tomorrow begins another season's journey that we have no clue where it will take us, but I am starting to be okay with not knowing.  It is a freeing to know that it is literally out of my control completely.  I can't wait to see where God takes us this season and what He calls us to as we travel this crazy baseball life.

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