March 9, 2014

Future Stars vs. Giants

It has been an eventful two days for the Strattons.  I showed up at the Minor League Complex yesterday to watch Chris pitch in the scrimmage and he was sitting in the bleachers behind the field.  I was a little confused, but you never know during Spring Training because the schedule changes all the time.  When he turned around and saw me he mouthed to me that he wasn't pitching because he was going to the Big League field tomorrow.  That is not the kind of news that is supposed to mouthed from far away, but I'll take that kind of news any way I can get it.  So I left still not really knowing what that meant but anytime the words Big League are said it is a good thing.  After practice was over, I finally got some details.  There was a "future stars" game at the Big League field where prospects from the Giants' Minor League played against some of the Giants' Big League players.  So Chris assumed he would be on the future stars team and would come out of the bullpen if needed.

So this morning he texts me while I'm at church to tell me that he is actually going to be in the bullpen for the Big League team.  *Cue minor wife freak out here*  So today I headed to Scottsdale Stadium to watch Chris dress out with some of the Big Leaguers in a game versus the best players in the Giants' Minor League.  It was a surreal feeling seeing him in the dugout at Scottsdale Stadium where we had watched the Big League team play just a few days ago.  Chris didn't get a chance to pitch because one of the Big League starting pitchers, Madison Bumgarner started the game and threw really well.  They didn't really need to go very deep in the bullpen because he did so good.  Chris hasn't thrown in a game yet because Minor League camp just started scrimmages Friday, so they told him they only wanted him to throw if he could get two innings of work in so his throwing schedule wouldn't get off so early in Spring Training.  So even though he didn't get the chance to pitch today and he would have loved to, it was still such an awesome opportunity.  It was a beautiful day for baseball and I sure could get used to seeing Chris at the Big League field.  He is definitely putting in the work to get there one day and I could not be prouder.
Scottsdale Stadium 

Chris in the Dugout
So that is the exciting baseball update for the week! Since Chris didn't throw today he will throw tomorrow at the Minor League fields.  I can't wait to finally see him on the mound again.  It's been six months too long.  We are thankful for such a great first week of Spring Training and are excited to see what the next few weeks before the season starts hold!

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  1. Ah! So exciting! I just got back from Arizona yesterday and already miss the beautiful weather! Enjoy it :)