March 2, 2014

God is Able

This is the day that the Lord has made!  I woke up this morning bound and determined to go to church. Last season, I only watched FUMC Tupelo's podcast.  It made me uncomfortable to think about going to church by myself.  I did not realize how much I missed worshipping for six months until I walked back into The Invitation when we got back to Tupelo in September.  Not attending an actual church last  season did teach me some lessons I needed to learn.  I learned that it was up to me to make a conscious effort to spend time with God daily.  I couldn't rely on getting my "Jesus time" at church on Sunday.  My whole attitude about going to church changed.  I missed my church and I missed getting to worship on Sunday mornings.  It wasn't as hard to wake up early and get dressed.  Even though last season served its purpose, I realize now that I need worship time in a room with other believers.  Last season I didn't think I would find anywhere I liked as much as FUMC, but God proved me wrong this morning.  One of the ladies in the Bible Study I went to before I left actually lived in Scottsdale when she first got married.  She recommended that I go to Christ Church of the Valley.  I absolutely loved it! It is very similar to Pinelake, the church Chris and I attended in college.  There are five different campuses, the preacher from another campus is live streamed on a screen, and even the building is set up just like Pinelake.  It made me feel like I was somewhere familiar.  The first song we sang this morning was "God is Able" by Hillsong.  It has been one of my favorites for a while, but this morning it gave me such a peace.  He is able to handle this baseball life when I don't feel like I can.  I thought I would be so out of my comfort zone at a new church in Arizona by myself.  Instead, I felt like I was right back in Starkville.  Y'all, how many times can I say that God is so, so good.

I even found a breakfast place on the way to church this morning that was super yummy and healthy! I think I have found my new Sunday morning routine while we are here.  I've learned that getting into a routine as quickly as possible makes this transition so much easier.  I've also learned that unpacking and making wherever we are living feel like home as fast as possible helps.  I tackled that fun project last night.  Overall, we are really happy with our condo.  It is tiny and our stuff is all over the place, but you can live anywhere for a month.  The washing machine is probably the tiniest washer I've ever seen.  So there will be lot of tiny loads of laundry done this month, but that is okay because Chris and Okert are at the field all day anyway.  Speaking of Okert, our best friend is living with us again.  The family has been reunited!  And no Okert is not his first name.  So many people have asked me that.  In the baseball world, everybody calls each other by last names.  It is weird, but I go with it because it gets confusing.  

It has been a great first couple of days.  Chris did throw his bullpen yesterday and said it went really well.  His arm feels good which is always the most important thing.  He has a few more bullpens before he throws live, and then games will start! I can't wait to get back to the field to watch some games in this beautiful weather.  

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