March 29, 2014

Next Stop: San Jose, CA

That's right, this girl will be living in California...tomorrow!

We've been pretty positive that San Jose would be our next stop, but nothing is official until the last day of Spring Training.  So tomorrow, we will move to California to start another baseball season!  San Jose is the Giants' High A team, and it looks like we will have most of our friends from Augusta joining us in San Jose which always makes it more fun.

San Jose has host families because apartments are sooo expensive in California.  We met the family we will be living with last week when they came to Scottsdale to see some of the players they have hosted in the past.  They are absolutely precious and we are so thankful for them opening up their cottage in their backyard to us!

I have been packing all morning because of course I didn't start until today.  It doesn't feel like Spring Training should be over, but I guess it will hit me when I am driving to San Jose tomorrow.  We are really excited about this move, and Chris pitching in the California League will be a great experience.  The Cal League is definitely a hitters' league, and they say if you can pitch there you can pitch anywhere.  We are so excited to see what the rest of this journey holds!

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