March 22, 2014

Spring Training

I honestly just haven't been in the mood to blog this Spring Training.  Spring Training is a time of so many emotions for me and so many unknowns, and we all know I don't do well with unknowns.  Thankfully (for Chris) I have done a lot better this Spring Training than last.  Last Spring Training I was a wreck.  I  stressed over every single detail that Chris came home with.  I worried when he moved locker rooms and analyzed every conversation he had with anybody that had ANY type of decision power.  I drove myself crazy and in turn drove my husband of two months crazy even though he'd never say that.  It was not a fun month and I questioned what on earth I had gotten myself into.

I will say that I have been a much more pleasant person this go around.  I've realized after a year of baseball that my over-analyzations do not matter one bit.  Whatever happens at the end of Spring Training is what happens.  And I honestly have zero control so I might as well spend my time enjoying Arizona and the perfect weather.  So this year I have gotten into a routine and enjoyed being where we are right now instead of worrying about where we will be in April.  It has made for a much more enjoyable Spring Training.

God has been teaching me this Spring Training to focus on where He has us right now.  We are in Arizona for March for a reason.  I struggle to not just see it as a temporary stop before we find out where we will really be spending the season.  But there is a reason He has us here right now, and I have been trying to keep that focus this year.

Chris has thrown three times since we've been here and will probably throw again Monday.  The first outing was in a scrimmage and he looked really good.  He threw two innings and only gave up one hit.  His second outing he threw against the Cubs at their minor league complex.  He threw 2.6 innings. He came in with runners on 1st and 2nd with one out and threw one pitch to get the double play ball.  Love innings like that.  He struck out two and gave up two hits for one run.  The great news about this outing is Chris' velocity was back up where he wants it to be.  His last outing was against the Rockies at the Giants' minor league fields.  He threw four innings and after getting in a jam in the first, it was smooth sailing from there.  He struck out three, gave up one hit, one run, and walked three.  The walks were what got him in trouble in the first inning.  Overall is has been a really great Spring Training.  His arm feels good and his pitches look sharp.

It is so crazy that camp breaks next week.  This Spring Training has flown by.  No, we do not know where we are going yet.  We should find out the 29th because camp breaks the 30th.  We are going to soak up our last week here before our next stop!

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