April 21, 2014

California Life

 It is time to post pictures of all the fun adventures that the first three weeks of California life have held.

Opening Day with the best host family we could have ever imagined! As well as the life changing event of my first San Jose Giants' Churro.  Is it bad that I have already made friends with the Churro man?

The team was on a three day road trip last week that I sat out since Chris wasn't pitching.  Let's just say Chris being on road trips this year is way better than last year thanks to my wonderful host family.  They kept me busy for the three days and we had a blast.  Thursday, Kelly, Mary, and I went to get pedicures.  We went to the outlet mall on Friday which also happens to have the closet Sonic to where we live.  A Cherry Limeade never tasted so good.  And Friday we headed to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  When you think of California, places like the Santa Cruz Boardwalk is what you think of. It is right on the beach with lots of rides and fun food.  They have a roller coaster that has been there since the 1920s.  I also put my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time.  Notice I said feet... so cold!

The boys got back from their road trip Saturday night (I guess technically it was Sunday morning since it was 3:00).  They happened to have a day off Sunday.  I would love to think it was because it was Easter Sunday, but really it was just a really awesome coincidence.  It was the first Easter Sunday service that Chris and I have every gone to together, and his first since his Senior year of high school.  It was also the first time since we left Mississippi that Chris and I have gone to church together.  What a happy day even if we were really exhausted from the late night.  After church, we headed to see the Redwood trees with our host family and Okert.  I didn't know it was possible for trees to be that big.  It was so awesome to see a part of God's creation that we've never seen before! After our hike, we came back and our host family cooked us an awesome Easter dinner.  It was a great Easter Sunday in California.  

 We even got a really awesome Easter happy in the mail from our Easter Bunnies in Mississippi.  So thankful for such a sweet family!

Happy Easter from the Strattons!


  1. Happy Easter from the Carolina League! Hope you all are enjoying your time in CA!!! :)

  2. Since you are new to the Bay Area, thought you would be interested in this handy dandy compilation of fun things to do in the Bay Area, published by the SF Chronicle: http://blog.sfgate.com/stew/2014/04/28/things-you-must-do-in-the-bay-area-before-you-die/#22231101=0

    Things I would recommend include:

    Worlds most crooked street, Lombard Street
    Riding the Cable Car in SF
    Visiting Alcatraz Island
    Fisherman's Wharf (plus try Boudin for authentic SF sourdough bread)
    If you ever wanted to try riding a Segway, this tour is good: http://www.electrictourcompany.com/
    - my wife found half off deals via Groupon or one of those half off websites, I can find out from her if you are interested
    - we have ridden both the Fisherman Wharf and Golden Gate. I had more fun with the Fisherman Wharf, as there was more free riding opportunity, but if you feel weird traveling on city streets with cars, then Golden Gate is better, though there is still some instance with sharing the street with cars, just not anything with street lights
    The focaccia bread from Liguria is one of my wife's favorite, it is very close to SF's famous St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, and not that far away from Stinking Rose restaurant, known for their garlic dishes, or from Chinatown restaurants.
    Gotta walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, something very unique to CA and SF.
    If you love corny jokes, irreverent humor, great songs across the decades, outlandish costumes, can't do better than go to Beach Blanket Babylon.

    Other stuff:
    Nice Dim Sum South Bay: Ocean Delight at 5400 Monterey Road, San Jose
    Monterrey Bay Aquarium if you like to see sea life (and little munchins running around having fun :^)
    Gilroy Garlic Festival, local summer event with all things garlic
    Boiling Crab is pretty good for seafood, crabs, shrimp in particular
    Unami Burger in Palo Alto for dinner, then go next door to CREAM for ice cream sandwich, great combo
    If you like sushi, our favorite is Sono on Castro Street in Mountain View (not same as one in SF), our favorites there are their white tuna and unagi handroll.
    If in SF, we love Okazu Ya on Taravel, any of their dishes listed on the whiteboard is pretty good, though we are partial to their Sashimi combo dish or their softshell crab with sashimi dish.
    If in SF, we love Little Henry's for Italian, eggplant parmesan or linguine and clams
    If you like walking in nature, can't beat John Muir Park in Marin
    If you like Snoopy, Charles Schulz's Museum is in Santa Rosa, can see his strips, get a little biography on his life, there is also a skating rink, one of his passions
    The Ferry Building on the weekends have a lot of nice eats there and outside around the Embarcadero Center are a lot of local artists' arts and crafts
    During the summer months, each city usually have a nice arts and crafts fair.
    If either of you love Star Wars, the Presidio in SF has a statue of Yoda there that you got to get a picture with (or selfie)
    Also there is the Disney Family museum there, lots of unique stuff there plus a biographic tour of Walt Disney's life and other goodies.

    OK, better get back to work, if I remember others, I'll post other stuff.