May 23, 2014

Back to Life in California

After three wonderfully long weeks at home, I got back to California on Tuesday.  As much as I wasn't ready to leave home, I was overly ready to see my sweet husband.  Three weeks definitely isn't the longest we've been apart, but I was missing him!

Of course my flight didn't land until after Chris was already at the field, so after three weeks apart I got a wave from the dugout.  Welcome back to baseball life!

As thankful as I am to be back, there are some things I already miss about Mississippi!  Thankfully my whole family is coming to visit in just a little over a week, so that goodbye wasn't hard at all.

The hardest goodbye was with my two dog children.  Call me a crazy dog mom, but saying bye to these cuties not knowing when I'll see them again wasn't fun.  It didn't help that they both slept in my suitcase on multiple occasions while I was home.



I sure did love getting my puppy cuddles in while I was home.  And who knows, they might end up making the trip out to California soon thanks to some pretty great parents!

The good news is that Chris pitch last night and had the best outing of his season so far!  That was exactly the welcome back I was hoping for.

Perks of making friends at the ballpark: free snow cones to get me through an 11 inning day game.

Hello again baseball life, you were missed!

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  1. This made me laugh. A wave from the dugout! HAHA!