May 8, 2014

Baseball Wife Survival Guide

Hey Friends!

I thought it would be fun to post some of my ideas on how to survive baseball season as a Minor League wife.  Hopefully, it can give some ideas to other baseball wives.  I think it will also be a good way to give insight on Minor League life to people who might not understand it.

My first edition of the Baseball Season Survival Guide might seem silly to some, but it has been something I couldn't make it through baseball without...

Netflix & Hulu

And yes, I think both are necessities. 
Here's why:

Netflix is great for starting new TV series as well as watching movies.  The main reason I love Netflix is that I can find lots of seasons of shows that I have decided to start watching.  The problem with Netflix is that they do not post current seasons until way after the season is over.  (I've told y'all I have a patience problem)  But, I have found a solution in Hulu!  Hulu post current seasons and updates the episodes after they air.  This makes keeping up with current seasons way easier and you don't have to wait!

This might be common knowledge to everybody, but I had no idea of the wonderfulness of Hulu until this season.  I love being able watch the current season after I have caught up on the old seasons on Netflix.  And let's be honest, I catch up on old seasons really fast with all the downtime of Baseball Season.

So I thought I might share with y'all my current Netflix/Hulu favorites!

I'm loving the combination of some of my old favorite shows like SVU and Grey's with the addition of my new discoveries of The Voice, Nashville, and Parenthood.

All of these can be either found on Hulu or Netflix or both!  I've gotten into Parenthood thanks to my best friend, Lauren.  I think I cry at least once in every episode, but I'm weird like that.  And Nashville is kind of my guilty pleasure.  It is cheesy and overly dramatic, but I can't help but love it!  I honestly hadn't watched The Voice ever until last season.  It's what I watch when I am cleaning or just want something happy on.  Grey's and SVU have been my go-tos since Freshman year of college.  I'm completely caught up on both, but Hulu keeps me up-to-date with the latest episodes.

Again, this post may seem crazy to some people.  I get it.  But I would be bored to tears without Netflix and Hulu during baseball season.  The funny thing is, that before I was married to a Minor League baseball player I didn't really have "shows" that I followed.  But with all the down time and my husband being on the road every other week, I needed something to at least keep the apartment filled with noise while he is away.  Nobody likes sitting in a quiet apartment for a week!

So shout out to Netflix and Hulu for being my unofficial sponsors of Baseball Season 2014.  And to my fellow baseball wives, they are worth the investment!

I'll try to have a more serious topic for my next Baseball Wife Survival Guide post!

What are some of your favorite shows or movies on Netflix and Hulu?
I'm always looking for suggestions for new things to watch!


  1. Nashville, Greys, and The Voice are the BEST!

  2. I'm not a baseball wife...or a wife for that matter lol but I LOVE Netfliz and Hulu!! I would definitely recommend Revenge! That is the best show!! Great post!! :)

    1. I keep hearing about Revenge! I'll have to add that to my list!

  3. I love Grey's and the Voice!! I haven't watched some of the older seasons of the Voice but I've watched every season of Grey's at least once, haha. I love Netflix and Hulu too!

  4. My wife loves Parenthood too. She also loves the Good Wife at lot as well.