May 16, 2014

Coffee Date

I was so excited when Rachel emailed me about this blog coffee date.  What a fun way to connect with other bloggers and talk about what God is doing in our lives.

As I have been reading some of the other blog posts, it is so encouraging to see that so many people are facing the same struggles and experiences some of the same joys even though we are all at different places in our lives.  For me, it is good to read that some of the struggles that we face living the Minor League baseball life are the same for others in different areas.

Thank you Rachel at Oh Simple Thoughts and my new blog friend Madison at Wetherills Say I Do for hosting such an encouraging link up!

If we were actually sitting down for coffee I would definitely be drinking a latte because it is my go to right now.  And after a little small talk, we would get to the real stuff.  

I would tell you that God is working on me right now.  Isn't he always?  But right now it is one of those "Under Construction" times in my life.  As I posted earlier this week, I am struggling with contentment.  
I thought I would take this post in that direction, but God had something else on my heart that I needed to get out.

I would also tell you that contentment is by no means my only struggle.
I would tell you that my sweet hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi where Chris and I were both born and raised, where we met in high school, and where we got married five years later was hit by a devastating tornado almost three weeks ago.  It hit the day before I was scheduled to fly home for three weeks.  Coincidence? No, God's perfect timing.

I would tell you how sad I was that our best friends' house was hit hard.  They are unable to live there until it is rebuilt which will take months.  So they are living in our house with their 8 month old baby until their house is back.  Praise the Lord they decided at the last minute to go get in the basement at her mom's house.  

I would tell you that it is harder than I imagined to drive by and see all the devastation in the neighborhood that is literally within walking distance to ours.  I would tell you how sad it is to see our precious hometown is filled with houses that don't have roofs and piles of trees on the road that are so tall it doesn't seem like we will ever get it cleaned out.  And so many businesses that were completely flattened.

And then I would tell you that this hurts my heart.  
It hurts my heart because so many lost their homes and businesses.
It hurts my heart that their were injuries.
And it hurts my heart that the historic Joyner neighborhood will take years to be completely back.

But then I would tell you that my biggest realization through all this is that this storm was bigger than I could have imagined, but our God is infinitely bigger than all of it.  
Our God comforts.
Our God heals.
And our God can do so much more than we can imagine.

Finally, I would tell you about how God is working through and for people in the town of Tupelo.  God's grace has been so evident in our sweet town! It has been so humbling to watch groups come in and help clean up from all over the country.  Neighbors helping neighbors and churches feeding volunteers.  And for that I praise God.

I am so encouraged by the vulnerability in the Coffee Date posts, and being able to connect with some pretty awesome ladies! 


  1. Thanks for linking up today and sharing your heart Martha Kate. I have been so broken hearted for tupelo and Louisville, I cannot imagine to call those my hometown. Praying for restoration!

  2. Such a great post and thank you for sharing your heart. Sometimes it is so hard to see His bigger plan. Thinking of your sweet hometown. Being an Okie girl, I know the devastation and fear that comes with the storms. :(

  3. Love reading this post. There is such truth in this! He really is in control of every little bit of our lives. We live in Oxford, so the day the tornadoes hit, I was in my closet praying over all the cities around us. I am so thankful that Oxford was spared, but we know so many people who were affected in Tupelo--it just breaks my heart. Thankful that the Lord helps us rebuild our lives.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your hometown. That is so devastating. It's so important to remember that God is still in this situation and He's actively working to restore not only physical buildings but hearts as well. Thank you for linking up with us and sharing your heart<3