May 27, 2014

Happy Tuesday + Noonday Giveaway

I hope y'all had as wonderful of a Memorial Day as we did!

Even though Chris didn't get the day off, it was an afternoon game so we had time after the game to hang out.  Day games are always exciting because we get back before 11:00.

I got to cook dinner which is an "only after day games" thing.  Why is cooking dinner more fun than cooking lunch?  Then we made a milkshake run and decided to drive around Los Gatos and look at some really, really nice houses.  I wish I had taken pictures, but I felt like a stalker taking pictures of people's homes.  Even though it was really hard because these houses were beautiful!  The town of Los Gatos (where we live right outside of San Jose) has really gorgeous, old Victorian homes that I practically drool over.  They are so precious.  Chris was a really good sport and drove me around until my heart was content.  We even made it to the top of one of the mountains and got some good views.  My iphone camera did not do the view justice.

 Remember today is the last day to enter in the Noonday Giveaway to support the Ragan Family adoption! You can read about it more here.

This Noonday necklace is new this year, and one of the best sellers, meet the Del Mar Necklace, and your giveaway co hosts!

Thank you so much for participating in the giveaway! It is such a joy to watch others invest and show interest in this adoption! The Ragan's appreciate it so much!

A Harvest of Blessing

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  1. Those pictures are beautiful! Glad y'all had a free night to cook dinner and to spend time together! Milkshake runs are my favorite!! :)