May 15, 2014

My First Stitch Fix

Hey Y'all!

So I have been itching to try Stitch Fix since I first read about it on blogs and Pinterest.  So I decided to schedule my first Fix while I was home, and let me tell you-- I'm hooked.
I was so amazed at how they sent me clothes that fit perfectly and were exactly my style.  Stitch Fix is so easy to use and for a non-shopaholic like myself is perfect!  I didn't have to go to a single store and had really cute clothes and accessories delivered to my door.

For those of you who are new to Stitch Fix like me, this is how it works.  You got to the Stitch Fix website to register.  This is the fun part because you get to fill out your Style Profile (which you can edit at any time).  It will asks you different questions about your sizes, what type of clothes/accessories you like, what price range you want to be in, and you can even link your Pinterest board.  Next, you schedule when you want your Fix delivered.  You pay a $20 styling fee, but if you keep an item from your Fix that money is subtracted from the item  you keep!  Your stylist picks out five items to send you based on what you filled out in your Style Profile.  When you get your Fix, you have three days to return what you want to return.  The great part is, they include a return bag that is already labeled with postage!  It seriously sounds too good to be true and I love it!

So without further ado, here is my first Stitch Fix!

This was my favorite piece from my first Fix!  This sweatshirt fits perfectly and will be great for chilly nights at the baseball field.  I love anything that is this cute and still super comfy.  This will definitely be staying with me!

This was my other favorite from my Fix.  Not that I need another grey striped shirt, but this one just fit way too good to send back.  

Unfortunately, this precious cardigan is heading back to Stitch Fix land because I got one for Easter that is almost identical!  My Stitch Fix stylist figured me out on the first try.

This is the piece I had the hardest time deciding about.  I finally decided that it is heading back to Stitch Fix as well.  I loved the dress and the way it fit, but it wasn't something I just had to have.

And finally, I got this really pretty statement necklace.  It too is on it's way back because it wasn't something I really needed.  Although it is super cute!  I have enough statement necklaces for the time being.

I asked for clothes good for the cool nights in the Bay area, and that is what I got!  I just loved my first Fix and every piece I got looked like something I would have picked out for myself at a store.

I can't wait to schedule my next Fix!  
I would love to hear your experiences with Stitch Fix or if there are any other companies that are similar.  

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