May 14, 2014

Wednesday's Words

Hey Y'all!

This week's Wednesday's Words post touches on my post yesterday about my struggle with contentment that you can read here.
1 Timothy 6:6-7 is one of my favorite verses about contentment because it puts into perspective how little all the "stuff" we have matters in the big picture.  

It is so easy to get bent out of shape over material possessions and circumstances we wish we could change.  But the bottom line is all we need is Jesus.  

I pray that we can seek to have true contentment with the plan that God has for each of us, and not in our material possessions and circumstances.

Have a Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. I love this graphic, and this verse.
    Such a good reminder to me today, when life is tempting me to let things be complicated....I am encouraged in knowing that only a FEW things matter....Loving Jesus wholeheartedly, and loving the people that He has created.
    Thanks for this today lady! I love the idea of Wednesday Words! Is it a link-up, or just something that you do on Wednesdays?

    1. Thank you for the sweet words! Life really is a lot simpler than we make it! It has just something that I have started doing on Wednesdays for a little midweek encouragement. The idea of a link-up would be fun though! That way we could read encouragement from others as well!

  2. Love this, and I loved your post yesterday! Such truth and power in vulnerability! Also, so happy to see you have connected with sweet Amy ^^ one of my fav bloggers! :)