May 12, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was an eventful one! 

Friday night I went to dinner and the high school baseball playoff game with my family and Chris' family. It's always fun to go back to our high school baseball games where I watched Chris play. I wish he could have been there, but he was in California pitching Friday night. I was thankful for MiLB TV so I could watch him pitch, but not being there makes me a nervous wreck. It was another rough night on the mound. I'm working on staying positive and seeking what God is teaching us during this season. It is hard for me to watch my husband struggle because I am a fixer. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing I can do to fix how he pitches (even though sometimes I think I can). I'm praying for the strength to be positive and encouraging even when it is easy to be frustrated with the way things are going. 

Saturday, I went to the Gumtree Festival with Mom. Gumtree is one of my favorite weekends in Tupelo. There is a 5K and an arts festival downtown with great art, food, and live music. It think this might have been the best Gumtree yet.  Tupelo needed a fun weekend for a break from all the tornado relief work that has kept us all busy the past two weeks. Our precious town has been working so hard to take care of each other and start clearing out and rebuilding. It was a nice break to walk around Gumtree and visit this weekend! 

Sunday, we had my sister's Baccalurate service at church and of course Mother's Day! I can't believe my sweet sister graduates from high school Friday! It was a great morning celebrating her. 

We capped off Sunday with my dad grilling hamburgers. It was great to have my aunt and grandparents here to celebrate Mother's Day with. It was a wonderful weekend in Tupelo. These are the things I miss during baseball season, so it makes being home during the season even sweeter! 

I hope everybody had a great weekend with their Mother's!


  1. Sounds like a good and busy weekend!

    My baby sister just graduated this past weekend....and it was crazy! I am so proud of her, and I love her to death, but it seemed SO weird that she was graduating!

    1. I definitely agree!! I don't know why it is so hard for me to see her all grown up! I guess it is a big sister thing!

  2. All your sisters look the same!! So cute :)

  3. I have three younger sisters too! The Gumtree festival sounds so fun, glad you had a fun weekend at home!! :)