May 5, 2014

Welcome to Seasons with the Strattons

As you can see, the blog has undergone a face lift during my absence.  This is all thanks to the lovely Rachel Cox at Oh Simple Thoughts!  I haven't ever been happy with the way my blog looked, but thanks to Rachel I finally love the way my blog looks.

With the new appearance came a new name.  When I realized there were another bajallion blogs entitled "Be Still," I decided it was time for a change.  The purpose of this blog is to keep people updated during baseball season, but also the different seasons of life that Chris and I are going through!

The appearance and name aren't the only new things.  The stuff I write about is about to change.  I want to keep everybody updated on how Chris is doing.  I really do.  But when I catch myself dreading blogging about his outing...there is a problem.  I enjoy blogging, and it isn't something I want to dread.  More importantly, I NEVER EVER want it to come across that I am disappointed in Chris or frustrated with him.  I may be frustrated with baseball and how his outings are going sometimes (or a lot of times depending on the month), but I am never frustrated with him based on what happens on the field.  My problem is that I'm overly competitive, and it hurts me to see my husband frustrated with baseball.  His season hasn't started the way we wanted it to.  It is part of baseball that some outings or months or season aren't going to be as good as others.  I'm learning to handle the frustrating parts of baseball better each season.  So instead of dreading having to blog about bad outings, I am going to link Chris' stats on MiLB to the "Baseball" tab at the top of the blog.  This way everybody can stay updated without me having to dread typing out the not so fun games.  It is just one less thing for me to worry about after a bad game.  I promise it is frustrating enough without having to relive it through the blog.

I have also realized that this blog has become more about what Chris and I are doing rather than what God is doing in our lives.  That was never the intention of this blog, and I hope that the changes make it apparent that this really is about the ways God is working in us and through us, rather than our personal successes and failures.  It is something I have been convicted of lately, and thought this would be a good way to get back to using this blog as a way to glorify Him!

Thanks for stopping by and bearing with me in the new phase of this blog!


  1. Love the new design Martha Kate!! It's beautiful! Can't wait to continue reading!

  2. LOVE the new design and new name as well!! So cute! I am so excited to continue reading along!! :)