June 19, 2014

All Star Break

It is a bittersweet day for this baseball couple.  The glorious, much anticipated All Star Break has officially ended.  For my non-baseball readers, the All Star Break marks the middle of the season for professional baseball.  There are four days of no regular season baseball games so that the All Star game and festivities can happen.

Last year, Chris went to the All Star game in New Jersey.  This year, he didn't get selected which was bittersweet.  It is such an honor, but it is also so nice to have a few days in the middle of the season with no baseball.  So besides throwing in the hotel parking lot one day (oh the looks we got), we had a four day break from baseball.  It is bittersweet because it is over, but the All Star Break also marks the halfway point in the season!  So we are halfway done with our second year of Minor League life.  Goodness time is flying.  We are technically over halfway done if you count the time we were at Spring Training, but you get the point.

Once Chris found out he wouldn't be heading to Delaware for the California League vs. Carolina League All Star game, we were excited to make plans for our four days off.  We knew we wanted to go somewhere for a few nights.  After some research and asking around, we decided to head down to Monterey Bay for two nights.  And I have to say, it was a really great decision.  We ate yummy food, stayed in a room with a KING bed, and explored places we never thought we would get to! I wish I had counted how many times we've talked about how we never in a million years thought we would live in California.  It is such an adventure to be able to explore places we never thought to explore.

I took a ridiculous amount of pictures, and since I think that a ton of them are worth sharing I'm going to share them a little at a time.  That way this post doesn't become a complete photo drop.

The first day we were in Monterey we went to the aquarium, thanks to our awesome host family for letting us use their guest passes.

The second day we planned to spend it on the beach reading and relaxing.  I think I got overly excited to be able to plan something because during baseball season there is no planning.  Just another way God is working on my planning obsessed heart.  So I had our day perfectly planned out, we packed a cooler of food for lunch on the beach, and everything else we needed.  The beach was freezing.  I knew it wasn't going to be like the Gulf, but I'm talking we were still cold fully dressed under a blanket.  So even though I had great plans of a perfect little lunch on the beach, we headed back to the hotel.  I'm actually pretty proud of myself.  There were no tears or hurt feelings that my plans didn't work out.  I laughed it off and chalked it up as one of those "making memories" moments and moved on.  See, baseball life has been good for me.

The last day of our mini vacation, we headed to Carmel to shop around and eat some lunch before heading back.  We decided to do the "17 Mile Drive" on our way to Carmel.  We were a little skeptical when we had to pay $10 to drive on a road, but we decided to go for it.  It might be the best $10 we've ever spent.  The views were incredible.  So incredible that my Canon Rebel didn't even do it justice.  I've never taken so many pictures just with the hope that it would be as pretty as it looked.  I can't wait to have a post dedicated to just that drive!

For now, here are some of my favorites from our trip!  Be on the lookout for aquarium and 17 Mile Drive pictures next week!


  1. AWWW!! I was born in Monterey! It's such a beautiful place and I am so glad y'all got to experience that!

  2. Oh this looks like so much fun! I hate that he didn't get selected but it's SUCH a blessing that y'all got to spend some time together. I know you were thankful for that :)

  3. This looks amazing!! We play catch all the time & get the best looks.

  4. Im so glad y'all had a couple days off!! I bet the grandparents never thought they'd have 2 (sets) of grandchildren living in California at one time! (Lets get them out here ;) ). Looks like I am going to have to go get this book everyone is raving about also! Thanks for sharing this special time y'all had!

  5. I just happened to stumble across your blog and have been reading a few posts. As a baseball nut (especially minor leagues), I like your view point on things. I'll have to check out some of your other baseball posts as well!