June 9, 2014

Buskirks do Cali

My entire family came to visit us last week and it was just what I needed.  This post will probably turn into a photo drop, so you have been warned.  They flew into San Francisco on Saturday where we spent a few days exploring and eating really yummy food!

For our full day in San Francisco, we went to Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf!  Then we decided to hop on a tour bus to get a tour of the city.  It seemed like a great idea at the time.  We loved it until we started getting closer to the Golden Gate bridge and the temperature starting dropping fast.  This bus was completely open with no windows.  We absolutely froze.  Like completely numb, wished I was in ski gear froze.  We laughed through it, but from now on we know that when the tour guide says it gets colder on the other side of San Francisco, he means it gets frigid.

We started our drive back to San Jose on Monday.  We decided to go down Highway 1 so that we could see the beach and stop to do a Redwood hike.  It was one of our best decisions of the trip.  Much better than our tour bus decision.  We stopped for lunch at a place that happened to be across the street from one of the prettiest, secluded beaches I've seen.

After our pretty drive back to San Jose, we spent the next few days shopping and watching baseball.  The Giants won all three games my family came to and Chris pitched his best game of the season while they were here!  I think it is safe to say they are good luck and need to come back!

Can I brag on my sweet husband for a second? He pitched his best game of the season after getting in from a road trip at 5:15 the morning of his start.  If that doesn't scream Minor League Baseball life I don't know what does.  I'm proud of him for pushing through hardly any sleep and pitching so well!

I'm so thankful that my family got to come spend a week with us.  I miss them already!! California is better with the Buskirks here!


  1. I love San Fran so much! On one of my trips, we went to Twin Peaks and it was sooo windy and cold! I was the last one to weather the wind, I just couldn't get enough of the views! Congrats on the win too!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a great trip!