June 30, 2014

June Goals Recap

June was a pretty successful month in my book.  I definitely did better on some goals than others, but that is life.  So here we go:

  • Finish Three Books: I finished over three books this month! Whoop! I'm making an effort to spend more time reading rather than just watching TV in my downtime.  It just makes me feel more productive.  I'm hoping to post some reviews about some of my favorites soon! 
  • June Reads:
    1. Wherever I Wind Up by R.A. Dickey, my review
    2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
    3. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
    4. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
    5. The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
    6. If I Stay by Gayle Forman
    7. Where She Went by Gayle Forman
    8. Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline
    9. Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist, my review NEED TO LINK THIS

     All I lack to finish my Summer Reading Challenge is three books that I hope to knock out in July!

  • Work Out: Does crossing out half of the goal work? This was better some weeks than others.  I never really got into the routine I was hoping to get into.  There is always July, right?  But really, July should be better because we are at home way more than any other month we've ever been in our baseball lives.  June had some Jillian Michaels videos and runs around the neighborhood, but not enough to mark the whole goal off.
  • Los Gatos Creek Trail: Considering working out didn't get fully crossed off, this didn't happen this month.  It has been so hot and we have been on the road a lot.  It is getting moved to July's goals.  
  • Downtown Los Gatos: Yay for living in a town with a precious downtown!  I've gone multiple times this month just to walk around.  It is one of those downtowns that is just as much fun to window shop than actually buy stuff.  Although, when my family was here we may have done a little more than window shopping! 
  • Meal Plan:  This is another one that only gets the "halfway cross out".  It's another one that was way better some weeks than others.  I'm hoping that like working out, this will be more consistent in July when we are home more than we were in June!  My life is just easier when I've already planned out our meals for the week.
  • Day Trip to San Francisco: This is happening today on the last of the June off days! I can't wait to spend a day in the city with Chris!
  • Beach Trip: Thank goodness for All Star Breaks and beach trips with my husband in the middle of the season.  I took way too many pictures so you can read all about our trip here, here, AND here
  • Try Two New Recipes: Yay for another over-achieving goal! I actually tried four new recipes in June.  I tried Caprese Chicken for the first time, and be on the lookout for my post for the Bread & Wine Project link up that shows the three recipes I tried from Bread & Wine!  It was a good month in the kitchen despite my lack of meal planning.  
  • Send 5 Letters to MS: Thanks to some new stationary, five letters got sent to friends.  Granted they weren't all to Mississippi, but they were all to sweet friends and family from home so that counts!  I love sending happy mail and I think it will become a new habit!
  • Organize the Cottage: This happened and boy am I happy it did.  It has actually happened a few different times thanks to all the packing and unpacking that happened this month.  I think I've finally found the best storage solutions for our 300 square feet.  Being organized just makes me feel better about life. 

  • I was pretty happy with what got accomplished in June!  I'm excited that there is only one overnight road trip and two off days in July.  Yay for being able to get into a routine that doesn't require packing and unpacking every few days!

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    1. Awesome!! Can't wait to see your July goals. I need to do better about writing down my goals!

    2. I REALLY love "goal" posts. I love getting to see what each person is striving towards and it gives me some great ideas to aspire to myself! It looks like you've done pretty well with yours :)