June 27, 2014

Ruth Study #SheSharesTruth

I shared last week how excited I was about starting the Ruth Study through She Reads Truth.  God sure has showed up during this study, but who is surprised? I love how God knows just what I need at exactly the time I need it.  This study literally started right at the halfway point of this season when I'm always in need of a little bit of a pick me up.

On one side the season's halfway point seems like we are so close to the offseason (which in itself is bittersweet), but then again we still have over 70 games left at the halfway point.  It is a long season that drags and flies by all at the same time.

I've shared before that God has been really working on my heart this season to not let baseball define us.  This Ruth Study is just another avenue He is using to get His point across.

"We are not named by our circumstances.  We are named by our good God." 
She Reads Truth

I don't know about you, but that gives me so much comfort.  I would MUCH rather be named by our sovereign God than baseball statistics or circumstances.  Obviously, this isn't something I have down yet.  Hence the fact that it is becoming a reoccurring theme here on my little online space.  But I am now able to recognize the truth in that quote, and I am starting to catch myself when I get caught up in bad games or frustrating circumstances that are completely out of my control.  These are small steps that I'm seeing as God works on my heart.  I am praying that I no longer give control to our baseball circumstances, but instead giving total control to the One that the control rightfully belongs to! 

"Like Ruth, we cannot see the whole of our story, or of The Story.  We aren't meant to.  But we can follow God's lead knowing that our yesses make a kingdom-size difference even when no one sees."
She Reads Truth

Sometimes I wish God would just give me a little peak to the end of this journey so that I could prepare myself for the outcome.  Maybe just a spark notes version so that I could prepare myself.  I don't need ALL the details, just a few will suffice.  In my head, that would be nice.  But in reality, I am so thankful that I don't determine the steps of our story because I KNOW that His outcome will be unbelievably better than anything I could dream.  All I can do is pray to have an open heart to say yes to God, and not miss the subtle whispers and nudges to paths that He leads us on.

My prayer for you is that you will also find truth in knowing that only God names you.  Not your circumstances, not your job, not your family, or anything else.  Only our sovereign God who rightfully has total control.

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