July 10, 2014

San Francisco Day Trip

Last week we got to enjoy our last off day in June with a day trip to San Francisco.  When you only get  on average one off day a month, they need to be spent wisely.  So we decided to drive to San Francisco to do some exploring.

Our first stop was the San Francisco Zoo, because as I've mentioned, I'm a sucker for a zoo or an aquarium.

I think he makes a pretty cute swan...

Next, we drove through the Golden Gate Park which was gorgeous.  It is so cool that there is such a big park right in the middle of such a busy city!

Next stop, to fulfill all the touristy needs, was the Golden Gate Bridge.  We found a really awesome spot for pictures, despite the crazy wind!

We decided to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to a town called Sausalito for dinner.  It was a precious town right on the water.  After walking around downtown and on the pier, we ate at Scoma's and it was wonderful!

What are some of  you favorite things to do in San Francisco?


  1. Ah, San Francisco. It is one of my favorite cities. I'm such a dork/nerd for bridges and the Golden Gate is my favorite. The first time I walked it, I fell in love! No matter how touristy, I don't think that would ever get old! :) And the Golden Gate Park was awesome as well. I never knew it was so big and all that was in it. We only made it through half of the park!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Jess! I love San Francisco too! I was surprised at how big the Golden Gate Park is as well!