July 22, 2014

Tips for Photographing Pitchers

I got my Canon Rebel XS in college for the purpose of taking pictures of Chris when he was pitching.  It's something I enjoy doing, and it serves as a way to distract me from my nerves.  I was editing some pictures the other day and realized that I've gotten a lot better since the college days.  I pulled up pictures from him pitching at Mississippi State and compared and there is a huge difference.  I'm not professional by any means, but the countless baseball games have given me a ton of experience.

Here are some tips on taking pictures of your baseball player, whether he is in Little League or the Big League!

1.   Pick the Right Location
This might seem like a no brainer, but it makes a huge difference.  Pictures behind the net are no good, although it puts you at a risk for foul balls so watch out!  I haven't found a way to focus through that net so I just avoid it.

Behind Net vs Not Behind Net 

2.   Sports Mode
I love the Sports Mode on my Rebel because it takes pictures so fast that I am able to get all the different parts of Chris' throwing motion.

3.   Lighting
This is a hard one because most of Chris' games are at night.  I personally prefer day game pictures vs. night game pictures.  You just have to be careful of shadows.  Most nights, the first couple of innings are still light enough to still get good pictures.

First Inning vs. Second Inning 
These were taken during the same game, and you can see the different lighting and issues with shadows.

Night Game vs Day Game 

4.   Zoom Lens
This is a necessity.  I personally use a 75-300mm lens.  It gets the job done.

No Zoom Lens vs Zoom Lens

5.   Editing
I personally find everything I need to edit pictures on PicMonkey and it is free!

Not Edited vs. Edited 

This one is more edited than I normally do.  I was playing around on PicMonkey! 
I hope these tips help you get some great pictures at your next baseball games! Do you have any other tips for taking sports pictures?

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  1. Awesome! We have yet to make the investment in a nice camera, but I know it's on the horizon! Thanks for the tips!!

  2. These are great tips, Martha Kate! This is a great way to give great tips to other bloggers while still sharing about your baseball life :)