July 7, 2014

Why Blog?

I think people look at me when I'm crazy when I talk about blogging.  I know they wonder why on earth I would spend my time writing down my thoughts in hopes that somebody, anybody would read it.

So, the other day I started thinking about why I blog.  Why is it worth the time? Why do I find joy in blogging?

I started by thinking about how this blog became what it is now.  I started my first blog when Chris proposed to keep everybody updated on wedding planning and the baseball journey we were about to start.  I failed miserably at blogging.  I had no clue what I was doing.  I didn't think I had anything that was worth reading to post.  So I quit.  In my defense, planning a wedding in four months was a little time consuming.  But, after the wedding I decided to give blogging another try to document our first Minor League Season together.  You can read my first post on this blog here.

The blog was called "Be Still" based on Psalm 46: 10, "Be still and know that I am God."  I chose this because it was and still is one of my biggest struggles in baseball life.  Our lives are in constant motion, not knowing what is coming the next day, much less the next few months.

I blogged semi-regularly during our first Minor League year.  I posted all of Chris' stats after each start, good or bad.  I documented our road trips and baseball life in general.  I still didn't really know what on earth I was doing.  I was blogging to keep our family updated, and I think the only people that read it were our parents and grandparents.

This offseason the blog fell into the old rut of not being used.  I wasn't motivated.  Without baseball games everyday, there was really nothing to update people on, so I posted a few times but nothing major.

It wasn't until this Spring Training that I started realizing what all I was missing in the blog world.  I decided it was time for a much needed overhaul of my blog.  When we got to California, I came up with a new name, a new purpose, and Rachel redesigned my little online space.

This is when I realized why I wanted to blog.  God had really been working on my heart.  He was working in ways that I wanted to share and I wanted a way to encourage other baseball ladies.  I also wanted to make new friends in the blogging world.  Non-bloggers find this weird I am sure, but I have met some really awesome ladies through this little blog.  I have talked to other Minor League wives that I never would have met without this blog.  I have also found really encouraging blogs that hold me accountable in my faith.  It has been a great thing for me to be able to connect with others while we are on the road.

This blog went from being a place of how my husband was performing, to a place for me to document our real lives and what God is doing.  God really opened my eyes to the fact that neither mine or my husbands worth is in baseball.  You can read more on my thoughts on that at my guest post at the Minor League Picture.

I no longer wanted to post his stats and relive each start when I felt the obligation to blog about it.  So instead I made a tab at the top of this blog that has his stats for those who care to see without me having to relive it my typing them.

I wanted Seasons with the Strattons to be a place of encouragement, vulnerability, and real life moments.  I wanted it to be a place where God's love is evident and His grace is overflowing.  I am not perfect at this by any means.  The goal is not to have hundreds of followers, but to reach who God wants me to reach.  If this blog serves as encouragement to one Minor League wife or one person struggling, I will call it a success.


  1. I just love this sweet friend! It's always great for us to reflect on why we blog, because to the outside world it does seem kind of strange!

  2. I love to see why bloggers blog. I'm glad that I am not the only who falls off the wagon every now again. I love that verse Be still. Being in the sports industry is tough. My husband works in the front office of a minor league and each year is tough because he wants to be a GM of a team and we are constantly moving. I love that I found your blog because in so many ways I can relate to you.