August 21, 2014

Etsy Spotlight: East West Design Company

I can't even tell yall how excited I am to share my new favorite Etsy shop! I "met" Lindsey when she came across Seasons with the Strattons and saw that we were living in San Jose.  Unfortunately, we had just started emailing when we got moved to Virginia so we didn't actually get to meet! After a few emails back and forth, she introduced me to her precious Etsy shop East West Design Company!

After browsing through the shop, I just knew I had to have some of her pieces.  I have been wanting a way to document all the different places we have lived and teams Chris has played for.  After some brainstorming with Lindsey, this is what we came up with and I seriously couldn't be happier!  She understood exactly what I wanted, and the quality of her work is awesome!

There is no way these will be my last pieces from East West Design Company because there are so many other prints that I have my eye on!  I'm in the process of getting these framed and up in our office! I'll definitely post a picture when that happens!  Lindsey even included the precious bonus of the "Home is wherever baseball takes us" print as a sweet surprise! 

I did a little Question & Answer with Lindsey and Rachel so y'all could know more about East West Design Company!

1) Tell us a little about East West Design Company... Where did the name come from? Who are the ladies behind the shop?
Rachel: Lindsey and I met about a year and a half ago because she is actually my boyfriend's older sister! She's much more to me now, though. We realized pretty quickly that we share a big love for creating and crafting and all things vintage. Our shop name is called East West Design Co because while I live in Georgia (the east), Lindsey lives way over in California (the west)! It just seemed fitting. :)

2) What inspired you to start East West Design Company?
Lindsey: Rachel & I are both always making new things for our apartments, homes, family, friends, etc.  We wanted to be able to do something together that we could share with other people.

3) What are your favorite prints to make?
Lindsey: This changes on a daily basis for me.  I love the ones that I do without thinking & planning ahead.  The ones where I just sit down & paint.  I love the part of Matthew 12:34 that says “for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”  I like to think it’s the same thing with a paintbrush.  I like for whatever is in my heart to show on the paper.

4) How do you stay inspired or come up with new print ideas?
Lindsey: I think working as a team really helps with this.  We bounce ideas off of each other.  Sometimes I read a verse & it has different meaning to me than it ever has before, or I hear a song & immediately know in my mind a painting I’d like to do using those lyrics.  

Rachel: We talk about inspiration (or lack thereof) quite a bit!  Often I’ll look to scripture or to Pinterest for inspiration.

5) Do you have a favorite print to make? 
Rachel: I love making custom watercolor + verse prints for people. It's rewarding to know that I'm creating a daily reminder for someone of a verse that inspires them!

6) Do you have any advice for opening up an Etsy shop?
Lindsey: A lot of patience, first!  Even when we thought we had thought through every little detail, things came up that we had to figure out along the way.  And however much you think you’ll need to spend to get started, you should probably at least double that number.  But really, just a lot of prayer!  For me, I want to paint things that would serve as reminders & encouragement to others.  I want them to daily see words on their walls that will tell them of God’s love & faithfulness.  I think the main thing is to have the right attitude, & pray about everything so that you can share the Gospel through what you do & always maintain a business of integrity.

Rachel: Don't be discouraged if there are weeks when you don't sell much. It's easy to get down when those times come around, but don't give up! :)

Be sure to head over the East West Design Company and use the code SEASONS to get 20% off some precious prints for your home!


  1. Oh.My.Gosh. I am in love. Even though I already have the signs I made, this is so perfect for a guest bedroom! I am going to be emailing her right now!!!

    1. Aren't they just precious!! I love the idea of putting them in a guest bedroom! I don't have mine on my walls yet because I couldn't decide where I wanted them for the few days I was home!

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  3. Being from Phoenix I love the Arizona one and I just might order one!
    PS: If you're in Arizona for spring training again let me know and I'll join you for a game. =) - See more at:

    1. Not sure how the link to this post ended up in that comment. Sorry about that!

    2. Let me know if you decide to order one! I was so pleased! I should be there to visit for Spring Training this year! Not sure if I'll be there full time since apartments are so expensive the month we are there! I would love to meet up when I come visit!

  4. Oh my word, I absolutely love this and can't wait to check out the rest of her site!

    1. It is seriously my new favorite Etsy shop! There are so many more things I want to order!