September 4, 2014

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Even though it is still feeling quite like Summer in Virginia (as in 90 degrees), I'm ready to welcome Fall with open arms.  

Fall brings so many things that I'm excited about, but I will absolutely miss parts of Summer.

For starters, I'll miss baseball.  Even if I don't think I will, it never fails.  After over 140 games in the last six months, all it will take is a few weeks at home before I start withdrawing.  I guess that is a good things since we get to start this journey again in February.

My new addiction to iced coffee will be hard to let go of when the weather gets cooler.  I'll miss my almost daily afternoon iced coffee to get me through late baseball games.

Going through pictures this afternoon made me realize I'll miss all the flowers that Summer brings.  Fall is beautiful in its own way, but you can't beat the colors of Summer.

But goodness am I ready for a little break from baseball and replace it with Mississippi State Football  and tailgating in the chilly Fall air!

Plus, Fall means the start of six wonderful months at home pretending to have a normal life with my husband.  Of course, there are still baseball obligations, but there aren't games every single night so I can deal!

Bring on the leggings, boots, and big sweaters.  Do I need to say more?

I am so excited for the many fires that will be made in our kitchen fireplace this Fall.  You can find me curled up in front of it most nights.

As much as I'll miss my iced coffee, it will be so nice to have a hot cup to warm me up.

So tell me, do you love Summer or Fall? What are you going to miss or what are you looking forward to most in this change of seasons?

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