September 9, 2014

Our Love Story: Dating

I think it is past time that I share the my favorite love story.  I mean I may be a little biased, but ours is my favorite!  

It all started December of 2007, when I was 14 (yes I was a child) and Chris was 17.  I was playing church league basketball and Chris happened to be running the scoreboard one night when I played at his church.  I had broken my thumb a few weeks early at practice for our high school's team, so I was wearing a really obnoxious brace over my thumb.  During warmups, this really cute guy that I had noticed at school before came up and asked me what happened to my thumb.  That was pretty much the extent of our conversation.  Chris says that is the first time he had ever in his life approached a girl and initiated conversation.  According to him, he used to be shy...I still have a hard time believing it. 

Just so happened, that a few nights later I was playing at his church again.  And I thought it was a crazy coincidence that he was working the scoreboard again.  I later found out that this wasn't a coincidence, but he had made sure he was there when I was playing.  We talked more that night, and he gave me a hard time about my free throws.  At this point, I was wondering why this really cute Junior boy kept talking to me, but I wasn't complaining.  So after the game I promptly went home and added him as a friend on Facebook and sent him a message.  I'm almost embarrassed to type that, but it is part of our story unfortunately haha.

That night we messaged back and forth until pretty late, when Chris used the pick up line of the century over Facebook Messanger.  "I have to get off and I would text you but I don't have your number and you are probably too good to give it to me."  I'm probably going to get in trouble for putting that out on the Internet, but it is just too funny not to share.  I of course quickly gave him my number.  Remember the cute Junior boy comment from above.  We literally stayed up almost all night texting and the rest is history.  

He officially asked me to be his girlfriend on Christmas Eve of 2007.  Since I was only 14, my parents were pretty strict about when we saw each other, which I am so thankful for.  We could hang out at each other's houses, but I wasn't allowed to ride in the car with him for a while.  When they did let me start riding with him, it was only to our youth group's on Wednesday and Sunday nights.  I love that my parents set guidelines at the beginning of our relationship.  It really did give us the chance to spend quality time with both of our families and kept us accountable about going to church.  

We spent the next year and a half both in high school.  We went to lots of sporting events, I got to support Chris his Junior and Senior baseball season, and we really just got to grow up together.  Chris committed to play baseball at Mississippi State which I was overly excited about since I have been a State fan since birth.  He graduated in May of 2009 and I was still in high school.  This is when things started getting serious.  I began praying about graduating early and got a really clear answer that this is the direction God wanted me to go.  Sure, I got a hard time about only graduating early to be with Chris.  Yes, it had a role, but it was really something that was a calling I felt by God.

So I graduated a full year early from high school in May of 2010, and went on to Mississippi State.  Looking back this was God working in ways I could not have imagined.  If I hadn't graduated early from high school, getting married before Chris' first full professional baseball season would have been impossible.  So thankful for God's perfect plan!

We loved being at Mississippi State together.  I went through rush when I got to school and became a Chi Omega.  We had so much fun at Chi O Date Parties.  I obviously spent a lot of time at the baseball field watching Chris play.  The baseball team became like our little family which included family cookie nights at my house throughout college!

I'm not going to lie and say college wasn't hard.  Our relationship definitely had ups and downs in college.  We had to grow up, and God taught us things together and separately in college that I know now were preparing us for the Minor League lifestyle.

After 4 and a half years of adventures with my best friend, he proposed! But that is a story for another day in order for this post not to become a book! 

I just love reading love stories! What is yours?

A Harvest of Blessing

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