September 25, 2014

Stitch Fix Three

Goodness my obsession with Stitch Fix is growing with every box I get! I've officially signed up for monthly fixes because I just love them so much.  For a non-shopper like myself, it is perfect.  I don't have to go pick out clothes, they are just delivered to me and I like them all!

Without further adieu, here is my third Stitch Fix!

Randall Scoop Neck Polka Dot Tank from Market and Spruce:
This tank was precious and fit really cute, I'm just trying to be really picky with what clothes I actually need right now.  Since I'm starting to transition into Fall, I didn't see myself wearing this anytime soon so back to Stitch Fix it went!

Dash Button-Front Chambray Shirt from Market and Spruce:
I'm in love with this shirt.  I have two other denim/chambray shirts already, but this one is on a whole different level.  It is probably the softest shirt I have ever felt and for that alone it is staying in my closet.  I'm all about comfort.  (Sorry for the super wrinkled picture...)

Florence Colorblocked Dress from 41Hawthorn:
When I pulled this out of my Fix I thought it would for sure be my favorite.  Unfortunately, it was just too big.  No matter how many times I told myself maybe it was fine, it just didn't fit right.  So sadly, it went back to Stitch Fix land.

Monet Mini Facet Bib Necklace from Pixley:
I also loved this necklace, especially with the dress above.  Since I decided against keeping the dress, I had to let this go too.  Back to the trying to only keep things I really need and will wear frequently.  I just don't wear necklaces enough to justify this one.

Danny 5-Pocket Knit Pant form Kut From The Kloth:
And for my favorite thing in this Fix, these pants are the best ever.  I've been meaning to see if they have them in other colors so I can order some more.  They are so comfortable and fit perfectly.  They are stretchy and feel like having on pajamas while being super cute.  I've been searching for some comfortable black pants and these fit that spot perfectly!

Overall, this was a really great Fix.  I honestly loved all the pieces in this Fix!  I got a really great outfit with the pants and chambray shirt though! I'm really starting to work on simplifying my closet and have been needed basic pieces to fill in some holes.  This Fix really hit some of those holes!

If you have any questions about Stitch Fix, feel free to ask! I really have enjoyed my first three Fixes, and can't wait to see what I get next month!

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