September 8, 2014

Sweet Memories

This weekend was definitely one for the books.  The Flying Squirrels had two playoff games Friday and Saturday.  They had to win two of the three scheduled game to advance to the Championship series.  We won Friday, and Chris was scheduled to pitch the Saturday game.  I was honestly a nervous wreck all day.  As in I skipped dinner which never ever happens.  Proud Wife Alert: but Chris absolutely dominated by pitching six innings without giving up a run! It was definitely a fun night at the diamond!

Terrible quality, but so much joy.  And no that isn't sweat, it's champagne.
The guys got to celebrate with another Champagne shower.  I unintentionally got in on the "fun" while posing for a picture with a sneak attach of beer poured all over my head... And after being a part of the celebration I still don't understand what is fun about pouring alcohol all over each other, but once again whatever floats their boat.

Since the Squirrels won on Saturday, the Sunday game did not have to be played.  So that meant a much needed off day! Have I ever mentioned that off days are the best days? Chris and I got to have a lunch AND dinner date, plus shopping at Home Goods.  Yes my husband spoils me.  To top the night off we went bowling with two of the other guys.

Saturday night was one of my favorite Minor League memories so far.  Now we have the Championship series starting Tuesday and no matter what, we are Mississippi bound at the end of the weekend! So crazy that our second Minor League season is so close to the end.  Can't wait to share what all God has done in this season!

Hope you had a little less stressful, but just as exciting of a weekend!

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