October 17, 2014

Facts + Favorites

I've seen these Facts and Favorites posts floating around the blog world, and I love getting to know more about the person behind the blog.  So thanks to inspiration from these posts from Madison and Rachel, I decided to join in.  So here is my first version of Facts and Favorites in hopes that you get to know me better!

-Before getting married I had never lived anywhere other than Mississippi.  In less than two years of marriage, I have lived in five different states and moved seven times.  Thank you Minor League Baseball.

-Mississippi State is the number one football team in the nation right now, and in a lifetime of being a diehard State fan I never thought that would be a fact I could write.

-During the offseason when we are home, I teach preschool at our church and absolutely love it!

-I love everything about coffee, but have recently found a new love for making coffee in a French Press, especially Lattes.

-The beach is my happy place, which is wonderful because my husband and I are on our spending this weekend there! This is our first beach trip since our honeymoon, since I'm not counting our trips to the beach in California last season because it was freezing cold.

-I could eat Mexican food every day of the week, seriously.  Is it acceptable to live off chips, salsa, and cheese dip?

-I've recently developed a new love for cookbooks and cooking in general.  There is just something that makes me feel like life has slowed down when I'm looking through a cookbook and cooking in our kitchen.

What are some facts and favorites that I might not know about you?

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