October 7, 2014

Why Rescue?

Ace and Sadie got their blog introduction recently, but today I wanted to share why I feel so strongly about rescuing dogs from a shelter or rescue group rather than buying dogs that have been bred.  The goal of this post isn't to make anybody feel guilty about buying their dog rather than rescuing.  It is just something that I feel strongly about that I want to share!

We rescued Sadie from the Tupelo Lee Humane Society in May of 2012 and Ace from a Rescue Shelter in Phoenix in March of 2013.  My family has had a mix of rescue and pure-bred dogs my whole life, but there has always been something about the rescue pups that I love.  I'll probably sound crazy, but I promise I think they are more appreciative.

Sure, there are risks associated with rescuing rather than buying dogs.  For one, if you rescue a puppy you really don't know what you are getting or how big they will be.  We risked that with both of ours and it turned out great! Both ended up at about 50 pounds which is the perfect size for us, but we could have just as easily ended up with a 100 pound dog.  Most of the time you can get a good idea, but there is always a chance for a big surprise as they begin to grow.  You also don't know exactly what your dog is mixed with which could lead to some health problems down the road.  There are always DNA test (which we haven't done with ours) that could give you a better idea of what to expect from your breeds.

But for us, the positives definitely outweigh the risks associated with rescuing our dogs!  I like to look at rescuing like saving two lives.  You obviously save the life of your new pet, but you also save the life of a dog or cat that takes your pet's spot in the shelter.  So many shelters are overcrowded and need more space.  Bringing a new family member home opens up a spot for other dogs and cats to live.

Just like not knowing what exactly you are getting when you adopt a pet, it is also a fun game to see what their personalities will be.  Rescue dogs have some of the funniest personalities thanks to all their crazy mixes.  Both of our pups have personalities that are hilarious and so unique.

Once again, I don't want to hurt any feelings of Dog Moms to non-rescue pups.  One of my favorite childhood dogs in my family's Golden Retriever that was purebred.  I just think that rescuing our pets is a great option that has lots of positives.  Maybe we just got lucky with our sweet pups, but I think rescuing over buying is worth looking into!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Do you have rescued pets or purebred pets? What helped you make your decision?

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