November 14, 2014

Coffee Date // Highs and Lows

Yay for Blog Coffee dates! They aren't nearly as fun as real coffee dates, but I love posts that catch us up on how real-life is for our blog friends.  That is why I love this Coffee Date linkup with Jenna that encourages us to share our highs and lows!

-It is always a good week when a Stitch Fix box shows up at your door!

-I made a Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie from my newest cookbook that I can't wait to share will y'all next week.
-Mississippi turned into winter overnight this week, which means fires and my new favorite, Apple Cider Herbal Tea, at night.

-Chris and I are officially going to the PAO Baseball Conference at the beginning of December in Colorado! We are so excited to worship with other professional baseball families and hear David Platt, Francis Chan, and David Crowder.

-Not being able to get out of bed in the morning.  With the cold weather, I just struggle in the morning to leave my warm bed.  Which has meant rushed mornings without as much time with Jesus. I might just have to move my quiet time to in bed so I don't have to leave the sheets so soon.

-Doctors appointments where they take blood.  Ew.

-Missing workouts that my body so desperately needs.

I honestly can't complain.  The Lord has us in a really great place right now.  We are enjoying our offseason, and just getting to spend time together.  It is such a blessing to do normal married couple things like cook dinner and go to football games together.  I love having a few months to do things that we just can't during baseball eat dinner together.  I also love being back at the preschool.  I seriously missed my teacher friends and precious kiddos this season.  I love having a normal schedule and going to bed early.  The offseason is just a sweet time for us, and we are soaking up every minute and enjoying the blessing of an offseason!

So how is life in your world?

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