November 5, 2014

Hospitality, The Jesus Way // Wednesday's Words

Is anybody else's version of hospitality being torn to pieces by the She Reads Truth Hospitality study? 

I'm learning pretty quickly that the Jesus way of hospitality is extremely different than the Pinterest way of hospitality.  I'm also learning that the way I view hospitality isn't necessarily Biblical.  The Jesus way of hospitality is meeting the needs of those who need love the most.  And the hard part about this, is that sometimes the ones that need love the most are not the ones that are in our friend group or in our comfort zone.

This has been a hard lesson for me to swallow.  Asking friends or family over for dinner is completely in my comfort zone.  It is actually not only in my comfort zone, but something that gives me joy.  The way I show love is through serving others, which is why this study is hitting me so hard.  I realized that I love serving others who are in my comfort zone, but when it comes to serving strangers I am less than excited.  It hurts my heart to admit that, but it is in vulnerable moments that we grow.  My heart and eyes need to be opened to ways Jesus wants me to love strangers.  

Y'all this is hard.  This isn't my nature or my comfort zone, but how many times does the Lord call us out of our comfort zone?  The Jesus way of hospitality is not comfortable or easy.  

I think the most important difference I've realized between my version of hospitality and the Jesus way of hospitality is that my way of hospitality is Pinterest-worthy entertaining while Jesus' way of hospitality is loving others and meeting their needs.  There is a Jesus sized difference between entertaining others and loving others when it comes to hospitality.  My version of hospitality was to have a Pinterest-perfect meal and a spotless house.  The Jesus way of hospitality is to open arms to those who need love more than opening doors to a perfect dinner part.  It is having open arms, ready to give love, to anybody the Lord may put in your path that has needs that need to be met.  

Hospitality is a lot simpler the Jesus others.  Really though, when it comes down to it, that is all it is.  Hospitality is loving others in whatever way they need to be loved, and loving them enough to desire to meet their needs.

So friends, what does hospitality mean to you? Is it more about entertaining or loving? Is it the Pinterest way or the Jesus way of hospitality?

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