November 4, 2014

The Peony Project Linkup: Community

This quote really hit home with me today.  I feel like I've read more blog posts in the last few days about things that I have been struggling with too, and it has just made me think about how sweet our blog community is.  I know people think it is crazy to have friendships with people that you have never met in real life, but I am so thankful for it.  Especially in a crazy Minor League Baseball lifestyle where we move around constantly.  I adore my Tupelo friends, but the feeling of community is something I miss when we travel during baseball season.  I am thankful for encouraging emails from sweet blog friends and reading posts from ladies that the Lord has in the same place as me.

It is always so encouraging to know that you are not alone wherever the Lord has you.  And that is why I love our blog community.  I love reading the hearts of others and knowing that I am not alone.  Stop by tomorrow for Wednesday's Words Linkup with Jenni and me to read more about something I think the Lord has on a lot of our hearts!  Tomorrow is an open topic, so we would love for you to join us and link up any post (old or new) that includes a Bible verse or other type of encouraging word or quote.

One of my favorite blog communities I've found is the Peony Project.  The Peony Project is a community for women who love Jesus, love blogging, and are looking for a common space to share ideas, encourage one another, and make real, honest friendships with one another. If you want a place to meet new blog friends, come join us!

What does community look like for you? What are some of your favorite blog communities?

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