November 25, 2014

The Struggle of Picking a Christmas Card...

Okay friends, I need your help.  I am having some serious indecisiveness when it comes to our Christmas card.  We didn't send out cards last year because Chris got sent to December camp in Arizona for training so we scratched the cards off our list.  I honestly didn't think I'd send Christmas cards until we had kids, but for some reason I have the urge this year so here we go! I just need your help on deciding which one.  All of these options came from Minted, which was honestly the first place I looked and I got so overwhelmed just from their options that I didn't let myself look anywhere else! 

Brushy Joy to the World

We haven't taken a picture yet, but we have a picture from this past season that I just might use instead.  If not, I'm hoping to snap a few pictures that include our pups, which always increases the craziness.

Here is a really blurry preview of the cards with the baseball season picture in case I give up on trying to get a picture with the dogs.

Which one should we use?
1. Book of Isaiah
2. A Wonderful Life
3. Brushy Joy to the World
4. Sweeping Joy Foil Pressed
5. Wrap Around Joy

And just for the tidbit: Minted is running a 15% off code that expires tonight on all Christmas/Holiday cards! Just a friendly tip, not affiliated links here! :)

Be sure to join us for Wednesday's Words tomorrow by linking up a post that includes a list of your blessings or what you are grateful for! 

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