December 15, 2014

Blogger Christmas Swaps

Blogger Christmas swaps are too much fun.  I mean really, who doesn't love getting goodies in the mail from new friends? This year I participated in the Color Swap hosted by Two Miracles and the Great Christmas Exchange hosted by Elah Tree and Oak + Oaks.  

I was so excited to be paired up with Hayley for the Color Swap because we've recently become blog friends since I sponsored A Beautiful Exchange! It was fun because we are both loving the color Mint right now, so we got to shop for similar colors.  I forgot to take a picture of what I sent Hayley, but you can see her awesome pictures here.  

I absolutely loved everything Hayley sent me! The mint notebook and "Don't Forget" list were my favorite.  I love writing list, so these were right up my alley! How cut are those "Hey" postcards? Can't wait to send some happy mail with these! I also loved the Christmas candle!

Hayley also sent me three Christmas ornaments that I absolutely adore!

It was so sweet of Hayley to send me ornaments! I love that she sent our initials and the Merry Christmas ornament is so pretty! Thank you Hayley for my wonderful gifts!!

For the Great Christmas Exchange, I got to send gifts to Amanda and you can check out her instagram for what I sent her! Sarah drew my name and sent me an awesome package!

I just loved every single thing Sarah sent me! I've been wanting to get my hands on "The Nesting Place" for a while, so I was so excited to see it in my box.  I also loved the precious cookie cutters and sweet smelling lotion!

How cozy does this look? I'm actually drinking out of this mug while I write this post! I just love it! Thank you so much Sarah for my sweet gifts!

Have you ever participated in a blogger swap?

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