December 19, 2014

My Tiny House Dream

The Spring Training housing search has started which only leads to frustration.  Scottsdale has to be the most expensive place to live ever combined with finding somewhere that does a six week lease that is furnished... It is close to impossible.  And it makes me want to pull my hair out and cry.

So instead of being productive and emailing actual prospects... I've been dreaming instead of buying one of these absolutely precious Tiny Homes and just finding an RV park to live at wherever baseball takes us.  I think my husband thinks I am crazy... But I think these houses are the cutest things ever, so what if they are only 200 square feet!


So the rundown is, these houses are built on trailers that you can drive around and park at RV parks.  They are made just like RVs with hookups for electricity and plumbing.  But how much cuter are they than an RV? 

I think what is so appealing about these tiny houses is the thought of NEVER having to search for an apartment during baseball season again.  I can't decide if it is any smarter financially... I mean yes renting is just throwing money out the window, but what do we do with our tiny home when baseball is over or we have lots of kiddos running around.  I don't see the tiny home being a permanent fix by any means, but I definitely think it would save money on rent for a few seasons.  Then could we ever sell the tiny home? Then there is the whole idea of being parked in a RV park in my tiny home alone while Chris is on long road trips that kind of sketches me out.  All things to think about... 



Chances are we just find apartments for the rest of Chris baseball career, and this tiny house idea is just a fun dream that distracts me from actually apartment searching.  But don't be totally shocked if you catch me one day driving across the country pulling my baseball season home behind me.

Could you ever live in a Tiny House?

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