January 21, 2015

Be Joyful, Patient, & Prayerful // Wednesday's Words

I'm pretty sure that I have never had a verse apply to my life as much as Romans 12:12 does right now.  It has become the words that I'm having to mutter to myself daily.

Be Joyful, Patient, AND Prayerful.  

The hardest of these three for me is definitely patience, which is no surprise if you've been around here at all.  The biggest lesson that I feel like the Lord is trying to teach me daily is my struggle with patience in His plan.  

And not only is Romans 12:12 asking me to be patient, but to be patient in affliction.  Do you ever feel like the Lord is asking the impossible? Sometimes that is how I feel when I am telling myself to be patient in affliction.  I feel like there is absolutely no way.  But that is where being faithful in prayer is so important.

My patience is so much better when I'm being faithful in my prayer life.  When I'm making an effort in my relationship with the Lord by being in constant communication, the difference in my heart is unbelievable.  When I am honest with the Lord with my struggle with impatience, He calms my heart.  When I get discouraged because what I had planned (and honestly felt like the Lord had planned) isn't happening in the timeline I expected, there is a huge difference when I respond in prayer than when I respond in frustrated tears. 

What Bible verses has the Lord used to speak to your heart personally? 

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Wednesday's Words

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